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Why Ruby Gemstone Is The Best And Most Precious Stone?

Ruby Gemstone

It is a precious gemstone and is very popular among all gemstones. It symbolizes fame and power. Ruby is also known as Stone Yaqoot. Most people are influenced by red ruby stone and wear this to get great benefits. This ruby gemstone is worn for power and status. It also blessed the wearer with success, […]

Which Gemstone Should I wear?

Which Gemstone to wear 1

In astrology, each birth sign has a different Gemstone associated with it. It is believed that wearing a gemstone compatible with the birth sign fills the environs of an individual with positive and healing energies that prevent any misfortune from piercing through the firewalls of his/her peace and happiness. As each planet is associated with […]

Which Ruby Stone is Best?

Buy Ruby Stone Online

Burmese Rubies which are usually transparent and dark in colour are considered to be the best ruby gemstones one can wear. Ruby gemstone works even better when worn in gold metal in the right hand’s ring finger after cleansing and activating it. What is the cost of Ruby Stone? The cost of a ruby can […]

Unfold the Interesting facts about Ruby Gemstone

Interesting facts about Ruby stone

Ruby is also known as Manik Stone and is a type of sapphire. Available in pink and blood-red color, belongs to the family of corundum. The term Ruby is originated from the Latin word ruber which means red. A Gemstone of Sun It represents the planet sun and promotes passion, determination, and good health. The […]

The Passionate and The Infamous-Ruby Gemstone

Ruby (Manik) stone online

Ruby sits as one of the most reputed and recognized gemstones of all and there are a few reasons which have enabled the stone to gain such a stature. Ruby is also often called the king of gemstones due to the list of possibilities that come with it and its signature look. The shades of […]

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