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7-Chakra Bracelet best tool to balance Energy-Wheels

Seven Chakra refers to the ‘energy-wheels’ present in the body aligned with the spine which controls the psychological, spiritual and emotional state of an individual. They control energy flow in the body and greatly impacts the development of personality of an individual. As the name suggests they are seven in number beginning from the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. Starting from the tail of the spine and moving upwards the seven chakras are Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anhata, Vishuddha, Ajna and at the top Sahasrara. In the same order they are chakra of stability and security, creativity and sexuality, personal power and esteem, love and worldly connection, emotions, intuition and spiritual connection and self-awareness respectively.


An imbalance in any of these chakras results in an individual of a fractured personality. So for an uninterrupted flow of positive energy in the body and develop an individual into a pleasing and attractive personality it is of the utmost importance that these seven chakra bracelet benefits remain aligned and balanced.


7-Chakra Healing Bracelet is the best tool to neutralize any kind of imbalance between the 7-chakra and to correct any personality functional disorder that may arise because of an imbalance between 7-chakra. It brings cohesiveness between the seven chakra of the body and enhances their vitality and vigour.

7-Chakra Healing gemmines

To buy the bracelet online or know more, visit our website- or call us on 98108-00550. Our customer care executive will be available for your assistance.


Lava beads, Red agate, Lazurite, Amethyst, Buy Turquoise stone online, Tiger eye, Green King Stone, are the stones mainly used to make 7-Chakra Healing Bracelets. The bracelet represents planet Venus. To put it simple the benefits of 7-Chakra Healing Bracelet are that it aligns your energy flow by striking a perfect balance between all the seven chakras, shuns negative thoughts and feelings, controls anger and impulsiveness and protects people who are prone to frequent physical ailments. It helps the wearer to get rid of confusion and enhances clarity and positivity in thoughts and behavior of an individual. The wearer is protected from the impact of negative energy which is circulating around us. The positive thoughts augment to pleasing and attractive personality and

Gem Mines, the leaders in the gemstones business, provides excellent quality 7-Chakra Healing Bracelet made of genuine and natural gemstones at the most competitive price in the market. All products of the company are certified for their authenticity from the best gem testing labs in the country. For all your online orders we offer free shipping within the country and guarantee quality assurance to our customers. We advise you to be aware of imitated bracelets available in the market. Buy an original bracelet from us for the desired positive results.


Gomti Chakra Bracelet Benefits

Gomati Chakra is a natural rare and spiritual style stone. They are mainly found in river Gomati and hence the name. It is believed its presence in the house shields dwellers of the house from all kinds of malicious effects that may encounter now and then. Its presence not only brings prosperity in the house but also ensures good health and maintains happiness for the family living in the house.  It also neutralizes any kind of architectural defects (vastu-dosh) if present in a house. Some astrologers believe that it destroys negativity acting like a Sudarshan Chakra of Sri Krishna.


Gem Mines offers the best quality Gomti seven chakra bracelet benefits at the most competitive price in the market. Their Gomti chakra bracelets are genuine and are made by using the finest quality of naturally occurring Gomti chakra stone.

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