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Blue Sapphire associated with planet Saturn is a highly acclaimed blue coloured precious Gemstone. It balances the Crown chakra, thereby resulting in the balance of the cosmic energies in an individual’s life. Crown Chakra is all about spiritual connection and transformation. It lifts and inspires you; connecting you to divine energy.  An imbalanced Crown Chakra renders an individual disconnected from the world, each other, and nature. This leads to a feeling of down and depression. A balanced Crown Chakra prongs up your power of meditation, helps introspection and self-realization, the must ingredients for a successful Life.  


It is the fastest acting stone which means that it possesses so strong mystical power (it is a very strong belief) that it can bring prosperity or devastating negative effects in the wearer’s life in no time. It is for this reason it is highly recommended that prior consultation shall be made from a reputed astrologer before wearing the stone. People wear the stone to see fast positive results in their lives.


The stone occurs in different shades of blue ranging from sky to dark blue colour.  In India it is also popularly known as Neelam ratan price. Blue sapphire is one of the most sought after gemstones. People love to possess this stone for its powerful and high valued astrological properties.

Neelam stone price in Delhi


Wearing of Neelam is recommended to people facing planet Saturn related upheavals in their life. Popularly known as the stages of ‘Shani sadhe sati or Dhiyya’.


Gem Mines is the most trusted place to buy Lab certified high quality, genuinely natural Blue Sapphire at the most competitive price in the market. Our price range is the most satisfying and value for your money. We have a vast range of original neelam ratna price in india to meet the needs of every class of customers. We are commanding a leadership position in dealing precious and semi-precious stones in Delhi NCR.

Neelam Stone online. Gem Mines is the most trustworthy name supplying natural and genuine Neelam online. Your worries, about the price and genuineness of stone ends, as and when, you place your Neelam order with us. We provide free shipping in India. On purchasing with us you receive genuine Neelam and lab test certificate from India’s best gem testing laboratory.


Original Neelam stone price: The 5 ratti neelam price mainly depends on quality and its transparency. A large sapphire but of low quality may be cheaper than a smaller sapphire of better quality. The highly valued stone is one of the costliest amongst gemstones. The cost of Neelam depends on its weight, the greater the carat weight, the more the stone’s value. The bigger the stone, the price-per-carat increases more and more. Also the stone price increases with increase in size as larger stones are very rare.


Neelam stone price in Delhi: We offer the most competitive price for Neelam in Delhi NCR. Our prices are matchless in competitiveness in the market. For more info, visit our website.


We are committed to supply best quality Neelam gemstones to our customers. Wear our excellent quality Neelam for best desired results website  Gemmines.in

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