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Improve Your Destiny with The Beauty of Red Coral

What is a Red Coral gemstone

Red Coral, also known as Moonga in hindi, is a mineral and a very valuable gemstone, which represents the power of the planet Mars. This gemstone is formed by Red Coral polyps from calcium carbonate at the bottom of the sea.

This gemstone is usually found in many colours like red, saffron, orange, black, white, pink and grey. The best type of Moonga is the Deep Red Coral gemstone and the most desirable too. The other colour Moonga can be found in Red Sea, The coast of Australia, Sea of Italy, The Canary Island, The Taiwan Coast, The Midway Island and the Malaysian Island. The value of the stone is determined by the shape which can be triangular, round cut, oval shape, square cut, rectangular cut etc.

What is a Red Coral gemstone

Who should wear Red Coral gemstone?

Red Coral is considered to be the birthstone for all those who are born on 9th, 18th and 27th of any month. Anyone whose planet Mars is weak should wear it. It also increases energy, self-confidence, happiness and peace in life. It also helps to overcome nervousness, fear and anger. The stone is also considered successful for practitioners of medicine, agriculturalists, politicians and government personnel. Astrologers recommend Red Coral to be worn for success and growth in business, jobs, social status, authority and wealth. It is always recommended to consult an Astrologer before wearing a Red Coral gemstones.

How to wear a Red Coral gemstone?

How to wear a Red Coral gemstone?


It is recommended to wear a Red Coral stone in Gold metal in the ring finger of the working hand after cleansing and activating it to remove all impurities. For removing impurities, it should be kept in a bowl with curd, honey, gangajal, tulsi leaves and ghee, 1 spoon each, for 10 minutes. It is suggested to wear this gemstone during Shukla Paksh on a Tuesday after reciting the mantra ‘Om Mangalay Namah’.

What is the minimum weight required?

The ideal weight required for Red Coral gemstone is 6 carats.

How much does a Coral cost?

On average, 5+ carat Red Coral (Moonga) is being sold regularly in ₹ 3-8,000/- full piece, but its range starts from ₹500/- per carat and medium-range starts from ₹2,000/-. The price complete depends on the quality, weight, size, shape and quality.

Which gemstone is similar to Red Coral?

The best substitute of Red Coral gemstone is Carnelian and Ivory

How can I buy an original Red Coral gemstone?

You can buy an original Red Coral gemstone online or offline, at your convenience. Make sure that you check for the certificate of the gem, which has all the required information about the gemstone, before buying a gem.

You can also contact us on our toll-free number 98108-00550. Gem Mines provide free shipping within India with its government-approved certificate, which is a laboratory-tested certificate of gems.

What is the Mode of Payment?

Both online and offline modes of payment are acceptable. For more information, visit our website- or call us on 098108-00550. Our customer care executive will assist you with the same.

Gem Mines also provide Free Horoscope and Consultancy Services for Gemstones.

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