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Moonga Enhances Courage to Fight the Adversities of Life

Everyone loves Gemstones and wears them for one or the other reasons.  Some wear to neutralize malefic effects of a planet in their horoscope; some others wear to enhance positivity of their sun signs to gain success in life. Gemstones not only aid in achieving worldly gains but also act as catalysts in enhancing spiritual levels of an individual. The Gemstones capable of increasing the horoscope planet’s propitiousness for the wearer are also venerated as objects of pride.

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits:

Red Coral stone popularly known as moonga stone benefits in India represents Mars in an individual’s natal horoscope. This amazing gemstone obtained from the Sea as remains of Coral polyps is one of the widely worn gemstones. As Mars is believed to be associated with vitality and ambitions, its wearer is benefitted with enhanced vitality and upbeat in zeal to pursue goals of life with more vigor. Wearing Moonga helps the wearer to fulfill ambitions in life easier and on a much smoother note. For best desired results for wearing Moonga stone the stone shall be worn on Tuesday after properly energizing it following astrological rituals.

Red Coral positively impacts in enhancing Courage, enhanced courage levels increases confidence in an individual to face and beat the adversities of life with ease. Wearing the Gemstone helps the wearer to overcome their weaknesses. A high level of confidence instills them to beat the fear and nervousness in life and meet adversities of life with more firmness and with upbeat zeal. This stone helps the wearer to overcome malefic effects of planet Mars in his or life. Moonga also possesses healing properties as well. People wear the stone to overcome some skin diseases alike.


Original Red Coral (Moonga)

How much does the original Red Coral cost?

The price of Moonga is determined by its weight and fineness. It varies from some hundred per carat to over thousand per carat. Gem Mines provides genuine and high quality Moonga at the most competitive price. No one can match the prices which we offer for quality moonga stone price in the market.

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