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Turquoise the Healing Gemstone is darling of Gem lovers

Turquoise: Naturally found in blue to green colours its inimitable characteristic, belief that it is as a pious stone and brings good fortune to the wearer has what made the stone darling of the Gem lovers. The stone is rare and precious and gets its colour because of the presence of hydrated copper and aluminium phosphate present in the stone. Firoza is the Persian name for the stone meaning ‘Victorious’. It is birth stone for the people born in the month of December.

Original turquoise stone price in India: Gem Mines provides genuine and authentic Turquoise at the most competitive price in the country.  The price for the stone varies from the lowest range of Rs150 per carat to thousands per carat depending on the quality of the stone. But the price you will get at Gem Mines, you will not find anywhere in the market.

Turquoise Gemstone Benefits

Turquoise brings a wide range of benefits to its wearer ranging from success in academics and Career, aiding in achieving better financial standing, social upliftment.  Its healing properties help in curing liver and lung disorders, and proves very beneficial to people suffering from panic attacks, or facing problems of frequent tiredness, low energy levels.

It is widely believed that Turquoise’s profound prophylactic properties protect its wearer from unseemly forces that may harm an individual’s health. It also gives its wearer a tranquil feeling, making him or her more focused personality.

Turquoise possesses power to perk up sensitivity and imaginative power of an individual who wears the stone that is why it is also popularly referred to as Healing Gem of Empathy. It has been found that most artists, people in the creative field love to wear Firoza.


original turquoise stone price


Turquoise shields the wearer from all the negativities influencing from outside as it eliminates misfortune and bad luck. Firoza balances energy centers of the body and helps in stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm thus improves creativity and personality of the wearer.

Turquoise represents the planet Jupiter, the most powerful planet in astrology.

Original Turquoise. If you are planning to buy an original and naturally extracted Turquoise/ Firoza, you can’t afford to ignore the leading stores of Gem Mines in Delhi and NCR region. We guarantee you for the genuineness and purity of the buy turquoise stone from us. Every Turquoise stone laying on our shelves for sale has passed through rigorous tests certifying their purity from the best Gem testing labs in the country. We serve you to save you from falling in the trap of people selling dyed HOWLITE and MAGNESITE in the name of Turquoise, the two closest imitations of Firoza prevalent in the market. There are some more imitations in the market but are not very common because of their dull quality. Finger nail scratch test has turned out to be one of the most popular tests to differentiate between an original or its imitation. Scratch your stone if it scratches easily it is most likely that it is a piece of Howlite.


Buy Turquoise Stone OnlineGem Mines is one of the most respected names in the country offering 100% original and pure Turquoise gemstones at the most competitive rates in the market. Our inventories have an incredible range of Turquoise to fulfil each and every kind of demand of our clients. Original turquoise stone price new delhi, India,

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