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Pearl Gemstone: Why Do You Need To Wear?

There is a wide range of gemstones available in the market – pearl gemstone, ruby gemstone, yellow sapphire, hessonite, Sulemani hakik, cat’s eye, emerald, opal, coral, diamond, and many more.Along with their beautiful and lustrous look, the gemstones have varied effects on the wearer. Whether it is spiritual, health, or other prosperous effects these gemstones


Pearl is one among the varieties of gemstones and has its significance and advantages. All these benefits are determined according to astrology. The study of planets and stars tells us what will be right for the wearer.



The main idea that reflects the importance of the pearl gemstone is that it enhances the powers and positivity of the moon. Two perspectives can be highlighted while focussing on the significance of pearl stone.

  • According to the Vedic texts, the pearl is considered to be the daughter of the moon.
  • According to astrologer recommendations, it is believed that the person who wears pearl gemstone gets the benefit of gaining positivity from the planet moon. 
  • The pearl stone has the divine force of the moon.
  • Apart from this, the moti stone provides health and


There are many benefits of wearing pearl stone. Some of them are the following-

  • Pearl as an ornament: The basic way of wearing a pearl is by adding it to your jewelry box. Whether in the form of rings, earrings, or necklaces, it is majorly used by women as an ornament. It gives an elegant and beautiful look to anyone who wears it. Other than women, the pearl ring for men can also be worn.
  • Moti stone helps in curing depression: Depression is a mental issue that is not considered an actual problem until it shows serious repercussions. Medical treatment along with spiritual one is the best solution through which one can try to cure depression. Pearl gemstone is a way to give you a spiritual solution by helping you to cure depression and other mental disorders that make your mind and life unstable.
  • Pearl Helps to reduce anger: Anger is no less than a medical issue as it can ruin relationships, goals, positive thoughts, and your lifestyle. If you do not want your anger to overpower you then you need to wear a pearl gemstone. It is characteristic that it aids the wearer to get rid of his/her anger and make the mind clear of unnecessary thoughts.
  • Brings good fortune: To sustain life in a better and more relaxing way, everyone needs good fortune. This is the basis of living. A person needs good things to happen in his life to keep his mind peaceful, heart happy and make his life more productive. Pearl beads can help to get this good fortune in your life.
  • Natural pearl creates harmony between husband and wife: Along with its other benefits the pearl stone makes the relationship between husband and wife better and stronger. It helps the couple to get rid of the problems they have been facing for a long time.
  • Pearl stone cures health issues: Along with giving spiritual benefits moti gemstone helps the person to cure his health problems. Problems of blood pressure, throat, eye, bladder and kidney can get cured by wearing pearl gemstone in the form of a ring.
  • Original Pearl helps to boost memory: Apart from curing depression, it takes care of your mind and improves its functioning. It helps to boost memory and use your mind with its full capacity to do any kind of work. 
  • Pearl beads increase creativity: As natural pearl helps to increase your mind’s functioning and memory, it automatically tries to make you more creative with the presence of thoughts and ideas that will help you to be creative and do creative.



If we will dig deep into history then will come to know that it was used as an ornament in ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the real Pearl Stone is considered a tear of god. In that period it was only afforded by the royal families due to its expensive value. It can be witnessed that from the 20th century there was an increment in the use of pearl stones but that of cultured ones instead of natural stones.



The planet that is associated with moti stone is the Moon. As we considered the significance of this gemstone we found that pearl helps to gain positivity from the planet Moon.



The price of a pearl depends on some factors – size shape, and quality. If you want to get an original pearl stone then the price range can vary from 4000 to 65000. According to your requirement, you can buy the moti stone and wear it.



A pearl stone can be worn by anyone but it can be recommended wear based on two points.

  1. Sun signs: It is suggested by astrologers that a real pearl will give optimistic effects on people with Aries, cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces sun signs. It will be beneficial for them. Other than these zodiac signs, the people who are Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius should wear them under special conditions.
  2. Profession: People who are related to the artistic and creative professions – artist, musician, dancer, cinematographer, photographer, painter, interior designer, and writer. Apart from this the ones who are engaged in the profession of law, finance, and research can wear pearls to gain benefits in their career life.


There are some rules and regulations that should be followed before wearing the pearl gemstone to get the desired results from it.

  • The pearl stone should be dipped in the cow milk or Gangajal at least 10 minutes before wearing it.
  • It should be worn on the little finger of the right hand with keeping faith in mind and heart.
  • The best day to wear moti is the Monday of Shukla Paksha (ascending moon cycle) and that too in the morning.
  • After wearing it on the finger one should chant the mantra “Om Chandraya Namah” 108 times.
  • The most important point that should be kept in mind is that the pearl should touch the skin of your finger. If it doesn’t happen then the wearer will not get the desirable results.


If one wants to get the results they are thinking of, then they should only get an original pearl stone. Gemminess provides 100% genuine and certified Gemstones and other gemstones. You can trust us and can buy your choice of gemstone from us through our website.

With an experience of decades, we have been fulfilling the requirements of our clients with the best quality at the best prices. Along with this, we have been affiliated with and certified by GIS, IGI-GTL, International Gemological Institute, GJEPC India, FGRS and Gubelin.



It was necessary to know the facts about pearl stone in detail. From telling us about its history to the reason behind wearing it and the way to wear it, you got to understand every minute of information. Pearl gemstone is considered to be an elegant gemstone with astrological benefits. Keep this in mind that the wearer will get the best results only when he wears an original pearl.

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