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    What is the difference between carat and ratti?

    1.00 ratti is equal to .90 carat.1 carat = 0.200 mg .1.00gm is equal to 5.00carat.There is no weighing machine to calculate ratti, it is an ancient term created by astrologers. When we see any certificate of any stone, weight of the stone will be always mentioned in carat or gram. Don’t buy gemstones in ratti. Always buy the gemstones in carat.

    My Astrologer has suggested a 5 ratti stone, can I wear a stone with lesser or more weight?

    Yes generally astrologer recommends minimum weight, if you like the stone which is bit more is weight for example you like the stone which is weighted 7.50 ratti and your astrologer has suggested you 5.50 ratti of weight, you can go for it, because as per time you will have to increase the weight of the stone.

    Why there is so much fluctuation in prices of a same gemstone?

    The certified Gemstones are highly popular and remain constantly in demand. Price of gemstones depend on their origin, color, clarity, weight and treatment. All of these parameters are collectively looked into before calculating prices that cover a broad range. Any major or minor changes in any of these gets reflected in prices.Heated and Treated or Glass Filling stones are cheaper than the natural stones. It should also be noted that other market dynamics like bulk, wholesale or auction purchases also bear an impact on prices.

    Can I make a ring in Panchdhatu instead of Gold?Will It have any adverse or slowed effect?

    No its totally upto you, there is no problem at all, its just it don’t shine like a gold, Panchdhatu is also in Yellow colour (Brass colour) but it will tarnish (bit dull) in a short time. But you can save around 20000 to 30000 Rs., and inspite you can take take a better quality of stone, which will ultimately give you the better results.

    Should I wear my stone in ring or pendant?Where can I get it made?

    One should always go for rings, they are more effective as compared to pendants.We make beautiful customised rings or pendant also as per your size and requirement. We have our designs also, or you can also provide the designs in which the ring is to be made.

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