Healing Balls

Healing Balls

Carat (Weight)




Carat (Weight)




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  • Pyrite Ball 411-431 Gms.

    2,400 SKU: PYB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Rose Quartz Ball 118-138 Gms.

    1,200 SKU: RQB001-1-FXAdd to cart
  • Golden Chalcite Ball 251-271 Gms.

    1,800 SKU: GCB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Black Chalcedony Ball 107-127 Gms.

    1,200 SKU: BCB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Sunstone Ball 149-169 Gms.

    1,800 SKU: SUN001-1-FXAdd to cart
  • Amethyst Ball 133-153 Gms.

    1,800 SKU: AMEB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Labradorite Ball 161-181 Gms.

    2,400 SKU: LAB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Tree Agate Ball 132-152 Gms.

    1,200 SKU: TRB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Rainbow Moonstone Ball 124-144 Gms.

    1,600 SKU: RSB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Red Jasper Ball 122-142 Gms.

    1,200 SKU: RJB001-1-FXAdd to cart
  • Crystal Ball 488-508 Gms.

    2,800 SKU: CRB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Aventurine Ball 90-110 Gms.

    950 SKU: AVB001-FXAdd to cart
  • Garnet Ball 183-103 Gms.

    2,150 SKU: GRNB001-FXAdd to cart
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Carat (Weight)




Pure, Natural Gemstones for Optimal Benefits

Laboratory Certified for Quality and Authenticity

Energized and Activated for Maximum Impact

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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

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Pearl (Moti)

Coral (Moonga Stone)

Opal Stone





Cubic Zirconia (Ghanaakaar Gomedaatu)

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