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Brahaspati Yantra

Brihaspati dev is the Guru of God and the lord of planet Jupiter. And every planet affects or keep a position in everyone’s horoscope. If in your horoscope planet Jupiter doesn’t exist in favourable position then you must start worshipping of Brihaspati Yantra. This Yantra removes all the ill effects of planet Jupiter. So everyone should worship it and try to make Brihaspatidev happy.

Planet Jupiter is a very powerful and helpful planet in growing your business. And if you start worshipping Brihaspati Yantra that is made of copper plate, soon you feel the results in your Wealth, Authority, Business and Power.

We are sharing the important facts of Brihaspati Yantra with you by using which you can also get Name and Fame in your life.

Brihaspati Yantra- Brihaspati Yantra is worshipped for appeasing Guru of God or Planet Jupiter. In Hindu religion Brihaspati Yantra represents cosmic energy of Planet Jupiter, who is responsible for Luck, Wisdom, Prosperity, Spirituality and Strong Relations. Everyone should worship Brihaspati Yantra to get the above benefits in their life.

Brihaspati Yantra Represents- Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati Grah) is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces sunshine, but it should be worshipped by all for getting good results.

Purpose of Brihaspati Yantra- To get the good results from Planet Jupiter.

Brihaspati Mantra- “Om kleem Brihaspatiye Namah”

Power of Brihaspati Yantra- Brihaspati is responsible for Name, Fame, Prosperity and Success in life. Brihaspati Yantra is very powerful yantra and should be worshipped by all.

Benefits of Brihaspati Yantra-
● Brihaspati Yantra blesses with name, fame, prosperity and success.
● This Yantra minimised the ill effect of planet Jupiter.
● It also gives healing divine power.
● It also worshipped for Good luck.
● Brihaspati Yantra is helpful in removing hurdles of life.
● It fulfills all the desires of people.
● It also considered for getting good government job or promotion in job.
● Brihaspati Yantra is highly recommended for getting sure success in business.

How to worship and energise Brihaspati Yantra-
Before worshiping of Brihaspati Yantra, it needs to be energized. Brihaspati Yantra should be kept and worshipped on Thursday. After bathing sit on an aasan facing East direction now dip the Brihaspati Yantra in Ganga jal, offer dhoop batti,flowers and chant the following Mantra 108 times-

“Om kleem Brihaspatiye Namah:”

If you worship Brihaspati Yantra with true devotion, it will start to give you positive effect of planet Jupiter.

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Brahaspati Yantra

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