Sulemani Haqiq
Sulemani Haqiq possessing amazing astrological power is found in different colours but in India, mainly black, white, yellow, red, green, and blue stones are found. It neutralizes the malice effects of Saturn from an individual’s horoscope.  The stone shows positive results very fast to its wearer, sometimes as soon as it is worn.
It is believed to be a miraculous gemstone that shields its wearer from the ill effects of Shani, Rahu, and Ketu and besides it also protects from negative energy haunting an individual as a result of some occult action done against him or her.
The gem is unique and so powerful in the sense that it can get rid of its wearer from every problem of life be it financial or health-related. The stone is believed to enhance the power of attraction and energy levels in its wearer.
The gem possesses health benefit prowess as well. The stone is highly recommended to people suffering from eye and blood vascular diseases. If anyone is struggling with problems of insomnia and nightmares Sulemani Haqiq is the best stone for him or her it gives astonishing results against insomnia (problems of sleeplessness) and nightmares.
Sulemani Haqiq brings a wide range of benefits to its wearer ranging from—success in academics and Career, aiding in achieving better financial standing, social upliftment and its healing properties help in curing eyes and heart disorders. Sulemani Haqiq also proves very beneficial to people suffering from panic attacks or facing problems of frequent tiredness, and low energy levels. There is a common belief among the people that Sulemani Haqiq’s profound prophylactic properties protect its wearer from unseemly forces that may harm an individual’s health. It also gives its wearer a tranquil feeling, making him or her get better sleep and tranquillity.
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Original Sulemani Haqiq stone price: The price of the stone mainly depends on quality, size, and polish. The price is calculated per carat weight which starts from Rs 100 to 150 per carat. The cost of Sulemani Haqiq on its weight, the greater the carat weight, the more the stone’s value. The bigger the stone, the price-per-carat increases more and more. Also, the stone price increases with an increase in size as larger stones are very rare.
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