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For Beyond Belief Amazing Results Wear Yellow Sapphire

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Precious or semi-precious gemstones are believed to bring better positive changes in the lives of people who wear them. As a result of that, some people wear gemstones to neutralize the malefic effects of planets in their horoscope, some wear them to increase the strength of their zodiac, and some wear them to achieve their worldly desires. Yellow Sapphire provides beyond belief amazing results pertaining to these issues. 


Primarily the gemstone is found in yellow colour, it is also found in golden and orange colours as well. Lemon-yellow coloured Pukhraj is known to be of the best quality.

Associated with planet Jupiter in the natal horoscope this is a powerful gemstone which benefits its wearer to achieve worldly goals and desires with ease. If worn following all astrological rituals properly this gemstone brings fortune and worldly successes to its wearers and enhances their ascendant and places them in a better position to succeed. For best results, pukhraj stone price 7 ratti shall be worn at an auspicious time when Jupiter periods are in action in their horoscope after consulting an astrologer.

The stone is best suitable to bring desired positive results in the lives of people born under Scorpions (Vrischik) and Sagittarius (Dhanu) Pisces (Meen) sun signs. However, in the West, the stone is better known as the birthstone of individuals born in the month of September.

Yellow Sapphire pukhraj stone price 7 ratti

It is believed that Pukhraj can give impetus to the much-needed boost to an individual’s existing decision-making abilities. It brings prosperity to those who wear it thus known as the most beneficial gemstone amongst the navratna. It helps to improve the financial status of the wearer as well as shower him or her with wealth, good health, fame, name, honour and success.
Pukhraj, believed to bring peace and prosperity and continuation in the family, is considered one of the most auspicious stones because in India familial ties are valued as the most important bond of our social system. The gemstone represents divine grace and power and is considered the safest gemstone. It is associated with knowledge and wisdom.  Gem Mines Yellow sapphire is very beneficial and gives manifold benefits, like— Attracts positive vibes, clearing obstacles in life, solving chronic problems, improving decision-making abilities, brings wisdom, fortune, luck, prosperity & happiness- to the individual who wears it.
Pukhraj gives the best results if worn in gold or panch dhatu on Thursday. According to sacred books, all married women who desire a harmonious married life and happy family should wear pukhraj. It is believed to be the most auspicious gemstone during student life. Students who wear jyotish quality pukhraj excel in their studies. It is supposed to be best suited for students who are pursuing law studies.
Pukhraj facilitates removing hurdles from the lives of girls not getting suitable matches for marriage. Pukhraj hastens in finding a good match and brings stability to her life. Besides removing hurdles in getting married and correcting the imbalance Pukhraj ring is considered auspicious in Indian tradition because in horoscope Jupiter the ruling planet of sapphire represents all joys of marital bliss Yellow sapphire unites lovers who is separated.
Yellow sapphire is an amazing stone which provides beyond belief results in medical problems therefore it is advisable one should wear Pukhraj to remain healthy and avoid illnesses like jaundice, throat infection, liver problems, and problems related to blood circulation, disorders of skin and pancreas and cerebral congestion etc.
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Gem Mines supply ready to wear yellow sapphire rings for both men and women. If ask we can arrange energizing ritual for the ring.

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