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Opal is a very colourful Gemstone and is broadly classified into two categories –precious and regular quality. Precious Opal exhibits blazing out spectral colours as a result of this the stone appears to be giving an array of different manifestations. It is the birthstone for the people born in the month of October and is believed to represent the planet Venus in an individual’s natal horoscope. The stone is mainly extracted in Australia and Ethiopia.


Opal stone benefits Opal is said to associate with immense luck because of its unique property to flash out colours associated with other precious gemstones. It brings happiness, success, wealth and contentment to the wearer’s life.

How much does Opal Stone Cost?

The price of Opal is calculated per carat weight. In India the prices for average-sized white or light-coloured Opal vary in the range from Rs 200 to Rs 400 per carat. A better-quality average sized white or light-coloured Opal may cost you starting from Rs 1000 onwards and can go up to Rs 10,000 and sometimes, even more, depending upon the quality size and polishing of the stone. However, black Opal, which is very rare is the most expensive of all kinds of Opal.  Also, dark-toned Opals because of their less available cost expensive.


Why is Opal Stone expensive?

Opals are considered a very precious stone because of their unique property of play of colour. This feature is not found in any other gemstone and is therefore often used as the central stone in high-end jewellery. The other important feature is that no two Opal gemstone has the same colour pattern, every stone has its own unique colour pattern. These two unique features make the stone very unique and expensive.  Black opals of high quality sometimes even beat diamonds at price. Colour, pattern, brightness and clarity are the main factors which determine the cost of a buy opal stone online. The more the Fire Opal stone high on these parameters the costly it is.

Opal & Neelam - gemmines

How much does a real Opal cost?

Because of their play-of-colour property (exhibiting multi colours when exposed to light) sometimes they are even costlier than gold or diamonds. Excellent quality black Opal can cost you as many as several lakhs of rupees.


Can we wear Opal in gold?

Opal is generally worn ring or pendant made of white metal like silver, platinum or Panch dhatu metal. However, it can be worn in white gold also without any kind of ill effect on the wearer. For better results, the gemstone should be worn only after observing proper rituals.


How to check if Opal suits you

People born under the sun signs of Taurus and Libra can wear the stone. It is a stone for people born in the month of October. Also, if wearing Opal provides you relief from the ill effects of Mahadasha or antardasha then it is a clear sign that Opal is benefitting you in neutralizing the dosha of Mahadasha.


Genuine opal stone

Be aware of synthetic Opal, nowadays widely sold in the market. It is very hard for a common man to make a difference between natural and lab-made Opal stones as both exhibits the same appearance and chemical composition. However, when closely observed synthetic Opal exhibit regular large coloured patches whereas natural Opal gemstone does not show any definite colour pattern.


Types of opal stone

It is found in a transparent, translucent or opaque variety with background colours ranging from white, black or any other colour of the visible spectrum. Black Opal is very rare and expensive, while white, grey, green, milky bluish or greenish kinds of Opal are very common.


Original Neelam stone price in India

The price of Neelam mainly depends on the quality and its transparency. A large sapphire of low quality may be cheaper than a smaller sapphire of better quality. Neelam is a very highly valued stone. It is one of the costliest gemstones. The cost of Neelam depends on its weight, the greater the carat weight, the more the stone’s value. The bigger the stone, the price-per-carat increases more and more. Also, the stone price increases with an increase in size as larger stones are very rare. Intense Deep Blue coloured Neelam is considered the best. They fall under the rarest category and are priced very high.


Neelam stone in India

The best quality Neelam stones are found in India in Kashmir. Kashmiri Sapphire is considered of the best quality in the world, due to its deep royal blue colour and unique velvety texture.

Neelam stone benefits

Blue Sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn.  It is known to be the fastest-acting stone meaning thereby that it possesses so strong mystical power (it is a very strong belief) that it can bring prosperity or devastating negative effects to the wearer’s life in no time. It ladens the wearer with power, position and worldly fortunes.


Wearing Neelam is recommended for people facing planet Saturn related upheavals in their life. Popularly known as the stages of ‘Shani sadhe sati or Dhiyya’.  This stone is also worn by people to overcome their nerves related problems, tension and other neurological disorders.  Blue sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones. People love to possess this stone for its powerful and high valued astrological properties.


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