The Passionate and The Infamous-Ruby Gemstone - Gem Mines

The Passionate and The Infamous-Ruby Gemstone

Ruby sits as one of the most reputed and recognized gemstones of all and there are a few reasons which have enabled the stone to gain such a stature. Ruby is also often called the king of gemstones due to the list of possibilities that come with it and its signature look. The shades of ruby range from pink to deep red, making it symbolic of love and passion for the color red. In its structure and crystal, Ruby is similar to Sapphires which do come in a more diverse range of hues. With a hard of 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, Ruby Stone is relatively stronger than some of the other gemstones and does not chip away easily. These physical attributes have been the primary drivers for its popularity. In select nations around the world, Ruby is also known as Manik stone.

Ruby (Manik) stone online

From an astrological standpoint, Ruby is known to alleviate various skin problems and bring more confidence to its wearer. Ruby is recommended for individuals whose zodiac sign is Leo while this particular stone can be worn by anyone without any adverse side effects. The benefits can also include better interpersonal relations, an enhanced connection with the partner along with other various health benefits such as relief from ulcers, fever, etc.

Although the stone used to be mined at different places around the world, today, Burma leads the global ruby stones. The Ruby stones from Burma are highly regarded and sought after for their particular shape and size which is a result of the different crystallization processes in that specific region. Other geographic regions where Rubies can be found include Afghanistan, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, and Scotland. The largest Ruby ever extracted is on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, U.S.

Before setting out to buy Ruby online, it is important to be mindful of the factors which can affect the value and the price tag of the stone. Firstly, the shade of the red of the stone stands as the factor that is expected to affect the prices in the most significant way. Usually, the darker shade of red it is, the more valuable it is bound to be. The next factor would be the same as applicable for diamonds and those are the size and the clarity of the stone. While the clarity of the final stone is also determined by the polish and its extraction, the region and process of crystallization also play a key role. The process of crystallization of the stone can have an effect exchange of Aluminum and Chromium ions that can affect the refraction of light, leading to different wavelengths of red.


Ruby Gemstone -Gemmines

Ruby is one of the gemstones which is also worn with a wide range of metal bases and it includes all the three primary metals for jewelry i.e. Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Being synonymous with the color of love and passion, Ruby has also been a stone to symbolize one’s emotions. The pop-culture references of the stone too have added to its repute and glory.

At present, there is a plethora of retails that have made it possible to buy ruby stone online and a quick search would bring a long list of options to one’s disposal. It is crucial to ensure the authenticity of the stone, even when one has to buy Manik online.

So if you are looking to bring the stone of passion and grandeur in your life, be sure to make a bold statement as the stone would.

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