Unfold the Interesting facts about Ruby Gemstone - Gem Mines

Unfold the Interesting facts about Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is also known as Manik Stone and is a type of sapphire. Available in pink and blood-red color, belongs to the family of corundum. The term Ruby is originated from the Latin word ruber which means red.

Interesting facts about Ruby stone

A Gemstone of Sun

It represents the planet sun and promotes passion, determination, and good health. The sun also governs politics, creativity, leadership, ego, and soul. Wearing Ruby shall shower vast benefits on the governing sectors of Sun.

Ruby worn by Kings and has several benefits

  • Unchain negative thoughts.
  • A harbinger of good fortune and wealth.
  • In medical astrology, it is beneficial for sharpening vision, hence becoming a light of life.
  • It makes the wearer sit on the throne of success in the fields of business.
  • It stimulates chakras to enhance positive thinking.
  • It elevates the financial status and leads the wearer to the doors of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • It enhances marital harmony through blooming love between the couples.
  • Considered as a success token for competitive exams, agriculturists, and political fields.

Ruby Gemstone

Burmese Ruby is an excellent type of ruby

Burmese ruby gemstone is the most valued ruby gemstone having the source of origin in Myanmar.

Ruby should be worn during Shukla Paksha

Ruby or Manik stone is ideal to be worn on Shukla Paksha. It should be activated through gangajal and then should be worn on the ring finger of your right hand. It’s healing mantra is Om Suryaya Namah.

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