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Yellow Sapphire: The Gemstone for Luck and Prosperity

Gemstones have always been an attraction to humans. Owing to their physical appearance and metaphysical properties they have been an integral part of our lives since ancient times. Earlier, these were mostly accessible to only the kings and royalty and powerful people. With time they made their way to the ordinary men and women.

There are nine precious gemstones popularly known as Navratans. Of the Navratans, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)  is considered as the most powerful and auspicious one. Since it represents planet Jupiter that holds a commanding position in the solar system owing to its size, yellow sapphire’s impact on one’s life is tremendous. However, it is always recommended to buy yellow sapphire only after consulting with an expert and then wearing it after performing proper rituals. This way you can achieve maximum benefits out of this auspicious gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire The Gemstone for Luck and Prosperity

The Benefits of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj ) :- 

Also known as Pukhraj ratna, Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone that has been worn by people of influence since ages. It eliminates the negative energies and blesses its wearer with joy and prosperity. People who face a lot of struggles in their life usually have a weak position of planet Jupiter in their birth chart. Wearing yellow sapphire annihilates the malefic effects of the planet and turns the luck in favour of its wearer. Here is a list of a few benefits that it brings along:

Brings Prosperity to Your Life

Yellow sapphire is renowned for its mystical properties. It is considered as the best gemstone to bring wealth and prosperity home. It not only brings financial freedom to you but stabilizes your life and enhances your professional and financial status.

Sharpen Your Intellect Power

If you seek to give your personality an edge with your sharp intellect and smart approach towards situations and problems, give pukhraj stone a chance. Since Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom and yellow sapphire represents it, wearing it helps you to bloom your intellectual abilities and make a name for yourself in your social circle.

Controls Anger Issues

Yellow sapphire is a boon to people struggling with anxiety and anger issues. It has a great soothing effect on your mind and brings mental peace. Yellow sapphire facilitates achieving self-realisation by establishing a connection between you and your inner-self. It keeps a check on your emotions and helps to keep stress at bay.


Brings Professional Success

Authentic yellow sapphire gemstone removes obstacles from your professional life and helps you accomplish your goals. It enhances your decision making abilities and makes you take rational and calculated decisions fearlessly. If you get nervous before any important meeting or while dealing with clients, wear this stone and see how it boosts your confidence level.

Helps to Cure Diseases

The healing effects of crystals are no secret to anyone. Since ancient times, gemstones have been used by astrologers and healers to cure several ailments. The positive energies of yellow sapphire improve health and help to fight diseases related to kidney, stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and lever. It facilitates faster recovery and creates a positive aura around you that makes the process of healing quicker.

However, always keep in mind that all these benefits are subjected to the condition that you are wearing an original yellow sapphire gemstone and not a fake one that is being sold by several marketers at relatively much lower prices. Gem Mines is a decades old original gemstone connoisseur that only offers lab-certified gemstones to its customers. You can visit us at our store in Karol Bagh or check our website You can also buy certified yellow sapphire online. Placing an order at our website is easy and convenient. May you always be blessed with luck and prosperity!

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