How to Overcome Fear and Negativity: Virtues of Cat’s Eye Stone

Cat’s Eye stone, famous as Lahsuniya across the country, is a semi-precious gemstone that helps the wearer overcome fear and bestows courage. This beautiful stone represents the planet Ketu. The name of this valuable stone is derived from it’s fascinating property, which does not allow light to travel through. Naturally available in shades ofBrown, Black, Honey and Yellowish Green, Lahsuniya is instrumental in eliminating the negative effects of Ketu. The origin of this stone traces back to Metamorphic rocks which are igneous in nature. These rocks often have embedded yellow or green colored minerals which give shape to this semi-precious gemstone. Naturally occurring Cat’s Eye stone is available in Cut, Oval and Cushion Shapes.

The Origin of Cat’s Eye Stone

Lahsuniya is endowed with intense planetary energies and shows results quickly. Known to possess metaphysical powers, this stone is also believed to heal cancer. Cat’s eye is a macro crystalline variety of the mineral quartz, the most abundant mineral on earth. The visible cat’s eye effect is usually due to the presence of asbestiform (fibrous) mineral inclusions or tube-like cavities which are present in parallel orientation within the quartz. Chemically, Cat’s Eye stone is known as Beryllium Aluminium Oxide (BeAl2O4).

The Habitat of Cat’s Eye Stone

Sri Lanka, Brazil and India possess an abundant presence of the Cat’s Eye gemstone. However, it can also be found in South Africa, Russia, Burma and the U.S.A. Lahsuniya can be distinguished by its unique optical phenomena, known as chatoyancy, derived from the French saying “oeil de chat”, which translates to “eye of the cat.” The term Chrysoberyl, which is widely used for Cat’s eye is derived from two Greek words, “Beryl” and “Chryso” which mean green and golden respectively.

The History of Cat’s Eye Stone

The history of Chrysoberyl is rather fascinating. The Chrysoberyl species was first discovered in 1789 by the famous geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. It has been a prized possession among patrons for millennia across Asia. It gained popularity during the end of the 19th century, when it was presented as an engagement token by the Duke of Connaught, to his Dutchess. Since then, it has been used as gemstones and religious objects by generations across the globe.

The Virtues of Cat’s Eye Stone

Lahsuniya is recommended to people who are under the Mahadasha of Ketu. The benefits of this brilliant gemstone are endless. To begin with, it changes its colour when the wearer is at the risk of suffering from critical, life-threatening diseases. Thus, it is much adulated by astrologers and common folks alike for its power of intuition. Cat’s Eye gemstone also minimizes pitra dosh and kalsarp dosh effectively. It uproots all negativity and fear from the wearer’s life and restores a sense of clarity and stability. This valuable stone yields miraculous results to the wearer who participates in work involving speculation. Several astrologers recommend Cat’s Eye for negating the ill effects of black magic, nightmares and enemies. This stone, augments the positive effects of the planet Ketu and prevents the risk of sudden mishaps and accidents. Thus, Cat’s Eye brings amazing results into the lives of those who are into meditation and speculative work.

The Ritual to Wear Cat’s Eye Stone 

However beneficial this stone is, one should not wear it before consulting an astrologer. It is recommended to be worn with a gold or a silver ring. One should follow a ritual to wear this ring. Firstly, it should be marinated in a bowl with 1 spoon of curd, honey, gangajal, tulsi leaves and ghee for 10 minutes. This will activate and cleanse the gemstone and remove all its negativity. Thereafter, one needs to pray to god and take the ring out of the mixture, and rinse it with pure gangajal. Finally, the wearer has to wear it on the ring finger of their working hand while reciting the mantra ‘Om KetaveNamah’ 108 times.

Read this before buying a Cat’s Eye Stone

Lahsuniya weighs 3 carats ideally. The cost of natural Cat’s Eye stones varies depending on their colour, clarity, size, and overall quality. The average price of a 5-carat Cat’s Eye stone ranges between Rs. 3,000-8,000. Certified Lahsuniya starts from ₹500 per carat and medium-range starts from ₹2000. Inexpensive substitutes of Lahsuniya are Tourmaline, Scapolite, Corundum, Spinel and Quartz. However, their effectiveness is not guaranteed.

We advise you to buy a gemstone only after checking proper certifications. Make sure that you have all the information related to gems during the purchase.

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