Keshi Pearl, KC Pearl

Keshi Pearl, KC Pearl

Tahitian cultured pearls are cultivated from the black-lipped variety of the Pinctada margaritifera cumingi oyster, which are usually 6- to 12-inches in diameter and produce large pearls. This oyster is very sensitive to the pearl culturing process, which makes the pearls very costly to produce.You can get Tahitian Pearls Gem Stone at Gem Mines

How can I buy original Tahitian Pearls (Tahitian Moti) gemstone?You can also contact us on our toll-free number 09810800550. Gem mines provide free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is laboratory tested certificate of gems.
What is the Mode of Payment?
Both online and off-line modes of payments are also acceptable. For more info visit us- or call us on 09810800550
Gem mines also provide free horoscope consultancy and free consultancy for gemstones.

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  • Pearl (South Sea) 7.85 Ct.

    Rs. 10,130.00 SKU: SSP1361Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 8.57 Ct.

    Rs. 6,600.00 SKU: SSP88Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 8.13 Ct.

    Rs. 64,150.00 SKU: SSP283Add to cart
  • Pearl 5.52 Ct.

    Rs. 3,040.00 SKU: PRL256Add to cart
  • Pearl 5.48 Ct.

    Rs. 4,660.00 SKU: PRL84Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 6.2 Ct.

    Rs. 7,440.00 SKU: SSP2210Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 6.23 Ct.

    Rs. 7,480.00 SKU: SSP2217Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 5.88 Ct.

    Rs. 7,060.00 SKU: SSP2222Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 6.68 Ct.

    Rs. 16,030.00 SKU: SSP2233Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 5.82 Ct.

    Rs. 13,970.00 SKU: SSP2234Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 5.35 Ct.

    Rs. 12,840.00 SKU: SSP2235Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 4.19 Ct.

    Rs. 10,060.00 SKU: SSP2236Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 7.27 Ct.

    Rs. 17,450.00 SKU: SSP2240Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 7.19 Ct.

    Rs. 17,260.00 SKU: SSP2241Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 5.82 Ct.

    Rs. 13,970.00 SKU: SSP2247Add to cart
  • Pearl (South Sea) 6.54 Ct.

    Rs. 15,700.00 SKU: SSP2249Add to cart
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