Tibetan Turquoise (Tibbatee firoza)

Tibetan Turquoise (Tibbatee firoza)

Tibetan Turquoise (Tibbatee firoza)

Tibetan Turquoise is a rare luxury that is mined in the Himalayas – ours specifically is from the area around Lhasa in the Himalayan area.It tends to be blue-green in colour and is sought after for this fact as most Turquoise found elsewhere leans more towards the blues.You can get Tibetan Turquoise Gem Stone at Gem Mines.

How can I buy original Tibetan Turquoise (Tibbatee firoza) gemstone?You can also contact us on our toll-free number 09810800550. Gem mines provide free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is laboratory tested certificate of gems.
What is the Mode of Payment?
Both online and off-line modes of payments are also acceptable. For more info visit us- www.gemmines.in or call us on 09810800550
Gem mines also provide free horoscope consultancy and free consultancy for gemstones.

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  • Turquoise (Irani) 11.29 Ct.

     15,806.00 SKU: TUR307Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 11.69 Ct.

     16,366.00 SKU: TUR323Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 9.01 Ct.

     18,921.00 SKU: TUR187Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 5.59 Ct.

     20,124.00 SKU: TUR337Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 26.93 Ct.

     8,079.00 SKU: TUR580Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 5.89 Ct.

     21,204.00 SKU: TUR350Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 42.83 Ct.

     256,980.00 SKU: TUR676Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 42.17 Ct.

     151,812.00 SKU: TUR675Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 31.31 Ct.

     93,930.00 SKU: TUR679Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 25.41 Ct.

     55,902.00 SKU: TUR677Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 21.57 Ct.

     60,396.00 SKU: TUR680Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 13.66 Ct.

     68,300.00 SKU: TUR682Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 28.89 Ct.

     144,450.00 SKU: TUR681Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 10.7 Ct.

     55,640.00 SKU: TUR687Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 11.38 Ct.

     75,108.00 SKU: TUR686Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 21.59 Ct.

     77,724.00 SKU: TUR683Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 14.45 Ct.

     72,250.00 SKU: TUR690Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 17.46 Ct.

     52,380.00 SKU: TUR689Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 18.24 Ct.

     182,400.00 SKU: TUR688Add to cart
  • Turquoise (Irani) 22.5 Ct.

     67,500.00 SKU: TUR693Add to cart
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