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Rudraksha: A Seed of Positivity and Enhancement

Rudraksha stone, also known as Blue Berry seed, is a stone worn for good health and religious purposes. It is obtained from the Rudraksha tree which takes about 18 years to fully grow and form a blue colour seed with a hard shell that covers the Rudraksha. It is usually found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, Japan, South China, the Philippines, Northern Australia, and Malaysia. The importance of this stone is even mentioned in the Shivpuran.


Rudraksha means eyes of Lord Shiva in Sanskrit and hence, it has a high demand for mantra jaap and other positive effects. There are 1-14 mukhi of Rudraksha which represent different planets’ powers, hence it makes it wearable for any person with suitable planet energy. However, it is always advised to consult an astrologer before wearing a stone.

Rudraksha is a great provider of positive energy. It helps in improving self-esteem and reduces anxiety and stress. It also protects from mishappenings and negative effects of planets to a great extent. It is considered to have positive results for health like balanced blood pressure. It overcomes fear and suffering to provide a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. It is popularly used for its healing powers, meditation and concentration.


Following are the different Rudraksha Mukhi-

One Mukhi Rudraksha half-moon shaped rudraksha represents planet Sun

Two Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Moon,

Three Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mars

Four Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mercury

Five Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mercury

Six Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Venus

Seven Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Saturn

Eight Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Rahu

Nine Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Ketu

Ten Mukhi rudraksha does not represent any planet but represents 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, who is the governor of the entire Universe.

Eleven Mukhi rudraksha does not represent any planet but represents Lord Indira & Lord Hanuman

Twelve Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Sun

Thirteen Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Venus

Fourteen Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Saturn.

Rudraksha is suggested to be worn on a Monday after Shukla Paksha after cleansing and activating it for which it is kept in a bowl with 1 spoon of curd, honey, gangajal, tulsi leaves and ghee for 10 minutes and then wash it with gangajal. After this, recite the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ 108 times. All this will remove any negative energy and help you discover the positivity of life.

The price of a Rudraksha stone is dependent on its mukhi, colour, size and overall quality. To make sure you’re buying an original Rudraksha, make sure that you check the certificate of the gem and ensure that all the information is provided in it. Gem Mines provide you with Govt. lab certified gemstones with free shipping within India. We accept both online and offline modes of payment. For more information, you can contact us on our toll-free number 98108-00550 or visit our website-


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