The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Manik Stone

Ruby and its distinct features

Ruby or Manik stone is a precious gemstone that is directly related to the sun. It belongs to the Corundum family and is a type of Sapphire. This provides authority in every field one steps in; empowers with confidence and erases self-doubt. 

It is a crystal red-coloured gemstone that can be identified even from a distance. The beauty of it is immaculate and distinct. 

How does Astrology influence our lives?

Astrology plays a prime part in fast-moving lives. The belief that stars affect our lives is a universal truth as the moods and phases of people are directly influenced by it. The most important part of our lives is subtly controlled by our stars. 

Astrology is made up of two Greek words-‘Astra’ which means stars and ‘logos’ meaning logic. It is a guiding light since ancient times but is evident even in today’s time. To enlighten the lives of people and combat the worsened effect of starts on our daily lives, Gem Mines makes it an easier task than anyone else as true provides true assistance while handling queries or providing any kind of suggestion. 

There are some common misconceptions that are associated with Ruby that may or may not be true and has to be kept in mind while buying a Manik Gemstone-

  • Some say that if a Ruby is worn on the finger of the left hand it will bring good fortune. Others believe that those who possess a Ruby will live a peaceful, harmonious and hindrance free life. 
  • Ancient Hindus believe that Ruby was the lord of all ems wherein the mythology states that it is a ‘navagraha’ stone. 
  • Healing powers of a Ruby gem remain a main controversial issue and when it is brought in close contact to the skin it helps to heal backache and toenail problems. 
  • Ruby is believed to bring happiness and health, particularly to gamblers and lovers. 
  • Ruby- which was viewed as a stone pf prophecy when it is being rubbed on the skin restores youth and vitality and it would change its colour (get darkened) when the wearer is in danger. 

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