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Which Rudraksha is best for Students?

The dried seeds of a tree scientifically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus found in the Himalayan region of India are known as Rudraksha.
Generally, the tree is found throughout South East Asia. The seed derives its name from two letters, Rudra (one of the many names of Shiva) and Aksh (meaning tears). It is for this reason they are also known as Shiva’s Tears. It is largely believed that several legends of Lord Shiva are associated with Rudraksha.
Rudraksha is so versatile that it can be worn by anyone irrespective of religion, caste, creed, or gender. It possesses special mystical power which can bestow the wearer with a tranquil and blissful life.
They are found in many varieties namely—Panchmukhi, Dwimukhi, Shanmukhi, and Gowri Shankar.
Panchmukhi (or five-faced) and Shanmukhi rudraksha, 23 mukhi rudraksha benefits are considered to be the most beneficial for students. Panchmukhi brings excellent results for students who are above 14 years of age in attaining peace of mind and pleasant feeling in life. The Rudraksha helps them to better concentrate on studies by overcoming their adolescent age anxieties. While Shanmukhi rudraksha proves to be highly beneficial for students of the age group of 14 or less who lack concentration and are highly reactive it is decidedly beneficial in improving both of these conditions.
Dwimukhi Rudraksha is best suited to people who are seeking tranquillity and happiness in married life. The seeds possessing mystical powers are very useful to bring happiness and tranquillity to the married life of the wearer. They are supposed to be helpful in strengthening the marital relationship, it is for this reason they are highly suggested to couples facing tough times in their marital relations. Wearing Dwimukhi Rudraksha’s tone downs the turmoil of their married life and brings calm, happiness, and tranquillity.
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Gowri-Shankar is a type of Rudraksha where two beads have fused together. They are suitable to be worn by anyone. They help bring happiness and prosperity into the wearer’s life. This type of government certified rudraksha shop is highly beneficial for people devoted to spirituality. It helps in properly channelizing their energy to attain high levels of spiritualism.
How to wear Rudraksha correctly
Rudraksha seeds possess mystical powers which bring tranquillity and happiness to the wearer’s life. For better results, care shall be taken to wear Rudraksha on an auspicious day, according to astrological calculations Monday or Thursday are considered auspicious days to wear Rudraksha. To gain better results it is very important to energize the beads by performing appropriate Puja before wearing them.
What are the rules to wear Rudraksha?
It is said those who wear rudraksha are advised not to eat non-vegetarian food and consume alcohol when wearing rudraksha beads. It is advised that while attending the funeral, leave your worn Rudraksha beads or worn single Rudraksha in a safe place and wear it again only after bathing and worshiping. The wearer shall offer regular pooja and rudraksha mantra to the worn beads. And most importantly for desired results, the wearer should have full faith in rudraksha.
Rudraksha makes no difference between its wearer based on gender, caste, religion, or ethnicity while giving its benefits. There are as such no specific different Rudraksha wearing rules for males and females. The only rule is that the wearer shall follow the rules of purity of heart and faith.
Rudraksha is dear to Lord Shiva and what else can be a more auspicious day than Mhashivratri. It is one of the most auspicious days to wear Rudraksha, and if it falls on Monday or Thursday then it can enhance the power of government certified rudraksha shop online manifolds.  The only care shall be taken that do not wear black clothes on the day when you are wearing Rudraksha on the day.
Although there are no side effects of wearing Rudraksha however If you feel some dizziness or headache while wearing Rudraksha then make sure that you wear Rudraksha mala not less than 84 beads.
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