Chandra Yantra

Chandra Yantra
Chandra Yantra is kept in the pooja room to remove the malefic effects of planet moon, who is also the father of God Budh. If the moon is strongly placed in the horoscope then it makes the person mentally strong, responsible and helpful for others. And if the moon is weakly placed or associated with negative planet then it makes the person emotionally unstable. When we worship Chandra Yantra it removes all the ill effects of planet moon. So everyone should worship it and try to make Chandra dev happy.
Planet Chandra is also very helpful planet in increasing creativity of mind. And if you start worshipping Chandra Yantra that is made of copper plate, soon you feel the results in positivity, memory, beauty and emotional stability.
We are sharing the important facts of Chandra Yantra with you by using which you can also get positive thought process in your life.
Chandra Yantra- Chandra Yantra is worshipped for appeasing Planet Moon. According to Hindu religion moon governs our state of mind like  our thought process and emotional stability. Thus it is responsible for Creativity, Wisdom, Attraction, Beauty and Strong Relationship. Everyone should worship Chandra Yantra to get the above benefits in their life.
Chandra Yantra Represents-  It represents Planet Moon (Chandra Grah) which is the lord of sunshine Cancer, but it should be worshipped by all for getting good results of planet moon.
Purpose of Chandra Yantra- To get the good results from Planet Moon.
Chandra Mantra- “Om Chandray Namah”
Power of Chandra Yantra- Chandra is responsible for Comfort, Fame, Beauty, Love relations and Success in life. Chandra Yantra is very powerful yantra and should be worshipped by all.
Benefits of Chandra Yantra-

Chandra Yantra improves relation between husband and wife and lovers as well.
It give emotional stability.
This Yantra is very powerful and increases memory, happiness, fame, comfort and success.
This Yantra minimised the ill effect of planet Moon.
It also gives power to work against sorrow and hypertension.
It also worshipped for Charm and beauty.
Chandra Yantra is helpful in removing major problems of life.
It gives power to improve mental ability.
It also gives good health.
Chandra Yantra is highly recommended for getting good results of planet moon.

How to worship and enerzise Chandra Yantra-
Before worshiping of Chandra Yantra, it needs to be energized. Chandra Yantra should be kept  and worshipped on Monday. After bathing sit on an aasan facing East direction now dip the Chandra Yantra in Ganga jal, offer dhoop batti,flowers and chant the following Mantra 108 times-
Om Chandray Namah”
If you worship Chandra Yantra with true devotion, it will start to give you positive effect of planet Moon.
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