A change for good that a Neelam stone can bring into your life!

There are nine types of precious gemstones available with Gem Mines out of which Neelam stone is special as it has an excellent healing ability. Neelam also represents the planet Saturn and belongs to the Corundum family of stones.  

  • Neelam is the fastest acting gemstone that acts as a protective agent that saves from jealousy and any kind of negative energy. This is the second hardest natural element available after diamond.
  • Neelam also acts as a protective stone when it comes to a person’s health particularly kidney and liver problems. It creates a positive energy around the wearer’s body.
  • It provides mental stability and keeps the person focussed. It contributes to a person’s mental concentration. It helps clarifies any confusion or doubts that a person may go through. Any person wearing this can make the right decision even being in the midst of any doubt.
  • Neelam stone shows miraculous results in the Sade-Sati period which is a 7 and a half year-long period of Shani which is considered a time of adversity. The stone provides strength, balanced metabolism and stability during this time and helps you to achieve your desired goals.
  • Neelam stone raises the pedestal at which you are known. It provides name and fame.
  • The Blue Sapphire specifically benefits your wealth. It provides a person with high energies to earn money and make that the center of focus.
  • The stone carries an immense healing ability that blesses and calms the senses removing any sort of complexes or negativity. Any type of fear that are present in certain people’s horoscopes is what it deals best with. This also provides a push to carry out spiritual practices for the ones who are spiritually inclined that gives the power to balance the Sahasrara chakra or the crown where the cosmic energy unites.

You can easily buy Blue Sapphire online at Gem Mines at an original Neelam Stone price.

Gem Mines promotes healthy and concentrated living and inertly believes that these harbingers start to have some effect on our lives. To save people from facing any further difficulties in life they emphasize it is better to save oneself than become a victim. 

They sell 100% natural gemstones and related products which are tested in a Government laboratory and are totally certified. They are located in Delhi N.C.R.

 Gem Mines provides you with the best quality Neelam stone price.

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