White Coral (Saphed Monga)

The white coral gemstone is primarily used to address the typical position of Mars in cancer which is a deeply debilitating planetary position. At many places the energies of Venus have been attributed to White coral which is incorrect. White Coral healing benefits are primarily due to Mars energies.The White Coral Gemstone is also referred to as Shwet Praval and Safed Moonga.You can get white coral Gem Stone at Gem Mines.

How can I buy original White Coral (Saphed Moonga) gemstone?You can also contact us on our toll-free number 09810800550. Gem mines provide free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is laboratory tested certificate of gems.

What is the Mode of Payment?

Both online and off-line modes of payments are also acceptable. For more info visit us- www.gemmines.in or call us on 09810800550

Gem mines also provide free horoscope consultancy and free consultancy for gemstones.

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Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 4.66 Ct.

Rs. 5,592.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC42

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 9.03 Ct.

Rs. 10,836.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC40

White Coral (Saphed Moonga)

White Coral 8.47 Ct.

Rs. 10,164.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC39

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 9.38 Ct.

Rs. 11,256.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC38

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 10.48 Ct.

Rs. 12,576.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC37

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 10.77 Ct.

Rs. 12,924.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC36

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 14.67 Ct.

Rs. 17,604.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC35

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 8.17 Ct.

Rs. 9,804.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC34

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 10.11 Ct.

Rs. 12,132.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC33

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 10.51 Ct.

Rs. 14,714.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC70

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 7.87 Ct.

Rs. 11,018.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC69

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 9.38 Ct.

Rs. 13,132.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC68

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 9.08 Ct.

Rs. 12,712.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC67

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 8.07 Ct.

Rs. 11,298.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC66

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 12.58 Ct.

Rs. 17,612.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC65

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 8.2 Ct.

Rs. 11,480.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC64

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 7.51 Ct.

Rs. 10,514.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC63

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 6.24 Ct.

Rs. 8,736.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC62

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 8.56 Ct.

Rs. 11,984.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC61

Coral (Moonga)

White Coral 12.01 Ct.

Rs. 16,814.00 inc. Tax SKU: WC60

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