Dispel the Negative Energies with the Purification Stone Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones. It is a semi-precious gemstone and its popularity has spanned the globe since ancient times. Also known as Firoza stone, it is the gemstone used to strengthen planet Jupiter and to eliminate negative energies. Turquoise is the birthstone of December-born that is the lovers of freedom, Sagittarius. Its bluish to greenish colour tones make it an ideal gemstone for fashion and statement jewellery. It is the only stone that can be worn without worrying about the planet combinations and that brings a plethora of astrological benefits to its wearer. Let’s check out how it can change your life for good.

Turquoise heals

People who have knowledge about gemstones swear by the healing properties of the original Turquoise stone. It was among the first gems to be mined and was first found in Turkey before its transportation to European countries. Turquoise was a popular gemstone among royals and noblemen and noblewomen who extensively used it to adorn their dresses and jewellery. Coming back to its healing properties, it helps its wearer to achieve overall fitness. As Turquoise is a throat chakra stone it helps to heal all the problems related to throat and breathing. It enhances immunity and acts as a catalyst in fighting against several diseases including asthma, depression, high blood pressure, migraine to name a few.

Origenal Turquoise (Firoza stone)

Saves its wearer from mishaps

Turquoise is believed to possess certain prophylactic qualities. People in ancient time wear it to protect themselves from untoward forces. This thinking process might come to existence due to the colour variations in Turquoise stone that gives an illusion that it changes colour when its wearer faces any health-related problems.

However, there is no denying that its astrological benefits include protection to its wearer from evil eyes and mishaps and violence. It also reduces stress and helps one to focus.

Evokes spirituality

The pastel colour tones of Turquoise stone instil calmness in the mind. Wearing it helps one to attain spirituality as it is believed to cleanse the soul from deep within. Its positive energies motivate one to get involved in charitable work.

Provides wisdom & wealth

Turquoise provides wisdom coupled with wealth. Positive and negative – it has the same effect and influence on both personality traits.  Turquoise holds the purity of the earth and the sky and therefore promotes wisdom among people and brings peace, prosperity, happiness and good fortune to them.

Firoza stone

Eliminates negative energy

It absorbs negative energies from surroundings and helps one to have a positive attitude towards life. Turquoise promotes the regeneration of thoughts and pushes them to turn into action. That’s the reason why it is the favourite gemstone of creative personalities across the globe.

How & when to wear a Turquoise Stone

The best time to wear a Turquoise stone is on Thursday morning during Shukla paksha before sunrise. It should be worn either in the index or ring finger of the right or working hand. One can wear it without matching planetary position in horoscope but it is always advisable to consult an expert to reap maximum benefits from the gemstone.

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