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A Ruby is a precious gemstone known and valued since ancient times. In India, it is known as Manik stone and it gets its pink to blood-red colour from the chromium present in it. Apart from being significant to astrology and its multiple benefits, it is the most popular gemstone that is much adored by women. There are various shades of a ruby varying from dark red to light pink. One is recommended to wear a stone based on their natal chart and due to the specific impact of various gemstones on the wearer.

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Ruby Gemstone or Manik stone has some special characteristics due to its unique constituents.

Here are some of the facts about a Ruby- 

  •   Ruby belongs to the planet Sun which is central to our solar system. Power of sun makes a person confident; energetic; physically & mentally healthy and deals a lot with ego and self-projection traits.
  •   The auspicious placement of the sun in your natal chart can bring out the best results of this stone.
  •   Wearing this stone can have healing effects over lung cancer, backbone related issues, diabetes and hypertension.
  •   People facing professional problems and the ones facing problems in communication or speaking skills are advised to wear a ruby gemstone.
  •   It is said to act against an evil eye and can take care of the wearer’s wealth, health and wisdom.
  •   Ruby-the king of gemstones signifies leadership; can deal with reduced confidence, low self-esteem and is said to encourage people who lack leadership qualities to attain such positive qualities.

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