Let All Chakras Harmonize Perfectly With Amethyst Gemstone

Popularly known as Katella or Jamunia across the nation, Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz that has been used as an adornment for over 2000 years. The ethereal gemstone is the most valued variety of quartz, which is in demand for designer pieces and mass-market jewelry alike. Found in hues of Violet, Deep Purple, and Yellowish red-violet, Jamunia is a treasured semi-precious gemstone that confers a world of benefits to the wearer. Over the years, the stark and refined colour of this gemstone has garnered many admirers, so much so that it originated the name of the colour ‘Amethyst.’


According to Vedic astrology, Amethyst stone represents the planet Saturn and removes its negative effects while augmenting the positive powers. The deep purple colour of Amethyst is due to the presence of the element iron. This beautiful natural gemstone is mostly found in square-cut, long and rectangular cut, round cut, princess cut oval, heart and cushions shapes. Possessing a startling array of vibrant shades and designs, Amethyst is a favorite amongst artisans, jewelers and patrons around the world.

 Origin and Habitat

Chemically composed of Silicon Dioxide, Amethyst is a variety of quartz. The formation of Quartz can be traced back to volcanic lavas. It is formed when gas bubbles become trapped, allowing the formation of crystals inside the cavities created by the bubbles. When these cavities are filled with silica-rich liquids, crystal formation begins to take place within the volcanic rocks.

These purple miracles often grow in huge geodes, which are rocks that appear plain on the outside, but actually are filled with crystal gemstones. This geode formation is a differentiating train in Amethyst that separates it from other gems such as white diamonds. Another fascinating aspect of the Amethyst stone is the presence of ‘Colour Zoning.’ It is the variation of the intensity of the purple colour in the stone. Colour Zoning reflects the crystal’s hexagonal geometry.

Amethyst was primarily mined in Russia, until the 19th century. However, the supply skyrocketed dramatically upon the discovery of natural sources for extracting the crystals in Brazil. Since then, the presence of Amethyst spread all over the world. It is currently found in regions of Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Zambia, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico etc.

The Virtues of Amethyst

  • Confers effective healing power
  • Harmonises the Chakras in one’s horoscope
  • Improves eyesight
  • Removes anxiety and fear
  • Eliminates negativity
  • Brings good fortune and wealth into life
  • Reduces mental stress
  • Ushers happiness and peace upon the wearer
  • Increases strength
  • Offers protection to the wearer
  • Restores balance in life
  • Restores vitality and helps in issues related to the brain

The Ritual to Wear Amethyst

Amethyst is considered to be the birthstone of those born in May. However, one should always consult an astrologer before wearing a Katella stone. It is generally advised to be worn with a silver ring. There is an elaborate ritual to the process of wearing a Jamunia stone ring.

Firstly, it should be marinated in a bowl with 1 spoon of curd, honey, gangajal, tulsi leaves and ghee for 10 minutes. This will activate and cleanse the stone and remove all its negativity. Thereafter, one needs to pray to god and take the ring out of the mixture, and rinse it with pure gangajal. Finally, the wearer has to wear it on the middle finger of their working hand during the Krishna paksha on a Saturday while reciting the mantra ‘Om sham shanicharayanamah’ 108times.

Read this before Buying a Katella

Amethyst stone weighs between 3-5 carats ideally. The cost of natural Jamunia stone varies depending on their colour, clarity, size, and overall quality.

We advise you to buy a amethyst gemstone only after checking proper certifications. Make sure that you have all the information related to gems during the purchase.

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