Rudraksha- Unbelievable benefits of divine Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word which means eyes of Lord Shiva. It gives always positive effect. It is highly demanded for mantra jaap. Rudraksha is also known as Blueberry seeds. Its importance is mentioned in the Shivpuran. There are 1-14 mukhi of Rudraksha. It is highly recommended for maintaining physical and mental balance in the body. It should be worn on the auspicious day related to Lord Shiva, shukal Paksh of Monday can be a good choice. But one should wear it after consulting from Astrologer.

Generally it is found in Round shape, Oval Shape , Cashew shape, but rarely found in lotus Shape and in various shades of Brown,White, Black, Yellow and blood Red.

You can find good quality of Rudraksha in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, Japan, South China, Philippines,  Northern Australia, and Malaysia.

Unbelievable Benefits of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a seed of Rudraksha tree, which takes 18 years to grow in full size. But, It should be worn on auspicious day related to Lord Shiva, or shukal Paksh of Monday can be a good choice after consulting from Astrologer.

Astrological Benefits of Rudraksha

As per astrologers, there are various Mukhi Rudraksha, which represents a different planet. For example – One Mukhi half-moon shaped rudraksha represents planet Sun,Two Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Moon, Three Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mars, Four Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mercury, Five Mukhi rudraksha represents planet Mercury, and so on….

These Rudraksha can minimise the negative effect of planets up to a great extent.

Rudraksha is a very powerful bead, it can energize in a religious way and overcomes sufferings from the life of wearer.

Astrologer highly recommends Rudraksha for maintaining physical and mental balance in body.

It protects from mishappening and also used for peace and harmony.

Health benefits of Rudraksha beads

Rudraksha beads are scientifically proven good for health. Let us talk about these benefits-

  • It is considered for good health, prosperity and removal of evils.
  • It is said that the negative thoughts don’t come to the wearer of Rudraksha.
  • Rudraksha is highly recommended for healing power.
  • It is used for concentration and meditation.
  • Rudraksha helps to improve self-confidence, blood pressure, reduces stress and hypertension.
  • It also helps in making good decision.

Diseases, that can be cured from Rudraksha


Heart Disease

Muscles Pain

Blood Pressure

Skin Diseases or infection

Negativity and mental health issues

When and how do you wear  Rudraksha is also very important

The Rudraksha is suggested to wear on Monday during the Shukla Paksha. Before wearing Rudraksha, it should be kept into a bowl having 1 spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes. This will activate and cleanse your Rudraksha and remove all its negativity. After praying to God, take the Rudraksha out of this mixture and wash it with pure Gangajal. Recite the Mantra “Om namah shivay”  | 108 times. After following this process wear the Rudraksha. If you have any doubt and query then you can consult us For Free on 98108-00550.

Finally I would like to say that only an original bead of Rudraksha can give the desirable results and cure diseases.

Before buying any Rudraksha check certificate of it. Make sure that all the information related to Rudraksha are given in it. You can also contact us on our toll-free number 98108-00550. Gem Mines will solve your all queries and offer free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is laboratory tested certificate of Rudraksha.

“If Rudraksha suits you as per your need then Don’t delay your decision, take it Right Now to bounce back in your life.”

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