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Wearing away the blue with Turquoise stone!


Gemstones have been more than a symbol of mere affluence or a piece of jewellery for over a century. These naturally occurring minerals have been associated with several metaphysical aspects that might turn out to be positive for the ones who wear particular gemstones. The combination and choice of stones are believed to be in relation to the person’s date and time of birth. Traditionally, gemstones were believed to have mystical powers, although much of which has been discredited as the stones now remain to serve as more metaphysical objects of charm than links to any powers.

These gemstones come in many shapes & sizes, and there are dozens of types of gemstones that might range on the basis of their weights or purity samples. Gemstones are usually worn in rings, lockets, or bracelets while there are other choices that exist as well. The metals used for holding the stones are usually silver or jewellery steel.

Turquoise stone

Behind the gems

Gemstones are naturally occurring complex minerals of different elements that might form hard crystals and other chemical properties. Most of these gemstones are not reactive in nature or are brushed to inertness. The crystallization of minerals and their chemical composition is what gives them their signature properties and features which they are particularly desired for.

A detailed look at the blues – Turquoise stone

One such gemstone is Turquoise stone which is a mineral that consists of copper’s and aluminum’s phosphate. This forms a unique alkaline crystal that reflects light and appears blue. Unlike some of the other gemstones, Turquoise is mostly opaque and some stones might have dark spots in them. Turquoise is not a very hard stone as its hardness is around 6 which is a little hardness the regular window glass one might find in their homes.

As aforementioned, Turquoise being a gemstone is also worn with the belief of being the cause of many positive attributes and changes in life. Some of these benefits include:

  • The stone is believed to cause a positive outlook in the mind or the wearer.
  • Turquoise is considered to be a healing stone and might spread peace and harmony in one’s life.
  • The stone is said to have believed wearers from misfortune and mishaps.
  • Turquoise might also improve one’s state of marriage and work by strengthening the bond between partners and closed ones.
  • Turquoise has been a popular choice of individuals who gifted the stone to their friends or family members due to its advantages and affordable prices compared to other precious minerals and gemstones.

Turquoise firoza stone online

Final cents on stones

Turquoise, also known as Firoza stone, is mostly found in the North American continent, concentrated around the regions of the US and Mexico, while it is also mined in Iran, Tibet, Chile, Chima etc. Various jewellers offer Turquoise stores, however, there are also online options where the interested individual can buy Turquoise stone online. Gem mines are one such portals that offer a plethora of options to choose from, in addition to only buying Turquoise stone online. 

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