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What are the Benefits of Gomed Stone?

What are the Benefits of Gomed Stone?

Gomed stone is very beneficial for Libra, Gemini, Taurus or anyone who is wants to remove the evil effects of Rahu Mahadasha. It also helps in relieving negative energies, depression, anxiety and black magic. It provides the wearer success, salvation and social and financial status. It is believed that it protects the wearer from diseases like cancer, blood pressure etc.

What are the Benefits of Gomed Stone?

Who can wear hessonite stone?

Hessonite stone is recommended for Libra, Gemini and Taurus zodiac signs. Other zodiac signs can also wear this stone if their Rahu is in the sixth and tenth position. However, it is recommended to consult an astrologer first.

Is Gomed harmful?

The effects of Gomed depend on the placement of Rahu in the birth chart. This stone can be harmful as it increases the risk of excessive detachment, symptoms of illnesses and suffering from major losses.

How do you use Hessonite stone?

Hessonite stone is recommended to worn in silver metal in the middle finger of the right hand. Before wearing, the stone should be dipped in gangajal and unboiled milk to activate it. After this, the ring should be worshipped with flowers and incense sticks. The wearer should chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu – ‘Om Raam Rahve Namaha’, 108 times and wear the stone on a Wednesday or a Saturday before sunset.

How much is Hessonite worth?

On an Average, 5+ carat Hessonite (Gomed) stone is being sold for Rs. 5-7000/- full pc. but Certified Hessonite starts from Rs.100/- per carat and the medium range starts from Rs.500/- per carat. The price totally depends on its quality, weight, size, shape and colour.

Is hessonite garnet rare?

No, hessonite garnet is not rare. However, Hydrogrossular garnet and Leuco Garnet are costly and very rare.

Which Gomed Stone is the best?

The best Gomed stone is the one which is medium to dark orange, brown orange or yellow orange in colour.

Which finger to wear a hessonite ring?

Hessonite stone should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on a Wednesday or Saturday during sunlight after being activated with gangajal and unboiled milk and chanting ‘Om Ram Rahve Namah’.

On which day Gomed stone should be worn?

Gomed gemstone should be worn either on a Wednesday or Saturday before sunset, in the middle finger of the right hand.

Can Gomed be worn in Gold?

It is recommended to wear Gomed stone in silver metal to see the best results of the stone and infuse its positivity.

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