What is the science behind gemstones?

Astrology is an old science and involves the effect of stars and planets on our lives, our mood swings and many related things. Gemstones are precious stones that combat the adverse function of the stars on our lives. 

Observe gemstones carefully, the lustre and the detailing behind each gemstone and you would get the answer. Every gemstone is in complete compliance with the planet they belong to and reflect its significance.

Here is a list of gemstones related to their planet and their relatability-

  • Blue Sapphire & Saturn are Blue
  • Emerald & Mercury are Green
  • Yellow sapphire & Jupiter are yellow.
  • Red coral & Mars are red
  • Pearl & Moon are white

Gemstones receive radiation from their planets and pass on peculiar energy to your body which is said to have a positive effect over you. These precious stones charge up your body in a positive manner and the point of it that touches your body, lets you absorb the good energy and also aware you about the wrong energy that you are receiving. 

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