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Which Firoza Stone Is The Best

Which firoza (Turquoise) Stone is best?

Firoza stone is known for its healing powers and mesmerizing blue-green shade that makes it unique. The more intense the colour is, the more valuable it becomes.

What are the benefits of Firoza (Turquoise )stone?

Firoza (Turquoise) Stone is also called turquoise gemstone. It is a semi-precious gemstone that has been popular among people since ancient times. It strengthens planet Jupiter and brings calmness and serenity in life. It is regarded as the healing stone, and it protects its wearer from adversity and mishaps.

Which country produces the finest Firoza stones?

Firoza stone was first introduced by Turkey to the world from the mines of Khorosan of Persia (now Iran) and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. These are the oldest mining sites that produce best quality Firoza stones. It is also found in the mines of South-west America, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Who should wear a Firoza (Turquoise ) gemstone?

Firoza is renowned for its healing power. It also brings marital bliss. People who are looking for love and marital bliss should wear a Firoza stone. Besides, one can wear it to boost their immunity and to bring mental peace.

Is turquoise a lucky stone?

Turquoise is a lucky stone for December born. It is also their birthstone and brings immense benefits to them. Wearing it on the index or ring finger of the right hand or working hand can bring good luck and fortune to its wearer.

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