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Which Gemstone Should I wear?

In astrology, each birth sign has a different Gemstone associated with it. It is believed that wearing a gemstone compatible with the birth sign fills the environs of an individual with positive and healing energies that prevent any misfortune from piercing through the firewalls of his/her peace and happiness. As each planet is associated with a specific gemstone wearing gemstones helps in diminishing the inauspicious effect of planets. Different gemstone shows different results according to an individual’s sun sign or date of birth or planetary position in the natal horoscope thus gemstone shall be worn after carefully examining one’s horoscope.

Added the so-called semi-precious stones—such as the Amethyst, the Topaz, the Tourmaline, the Aquamarine, the Chrysoprase, along with a long list of some other semi-precious stones.  Ruby which represents the values of desire, passion, and power is metaphorically called the ‘King of Precious Stones’, while Pearl is often referred to as ‘The Queen of Gems’. The Blue Diamond is perhaps the most prized of all precious stones.

Turquoise or Firoza is a naturally occurring opaque, blue to green stone that is the birthstone of people born in the month of December. It brings a wide range of benefits to its wearer ranging from—success in academics and Career, aiding in achieving better financial standing, social upliftment and its healing properties help in curing liver and lung disorders.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj as popularly known, is the birthstone of individuals born in the month of September and protects an individual from malevolence born under either Sagittarius or Pisces sun signs, bringing to the wearer his or her worldly wishes.

Ruby sometimes also referred to as the ‘king of Gems’ is the birthstone for people born in the month of July and is associated with the sun sign.

Neelam or Blue Sapphire is suitably well-matched with two signs namely Capricorn and Aquaries.

Diamond one of the costliest of gemstones provides very good results to people born under the sun signs of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra.

Pearl is suitable for people born under Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo it is also the birthstone and the Rashi ratna for the Cancer sun sign as well.

Cat’s Eye people with Aries as their sun sign get very good results in their lives, especially when if the position of Ketu is in their 5th, 6th, 9th, or 12th house. Gives better results if Ketu is in a decisive position in their natal horoscope.

Alexandrite as the gemstone is believed to be a birthstone for people born in the month of June. It gives people born in the month very excellent results in their worldly endeavours.


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Ruby Gemstone

Ruby or Manik deep pink or blood-red in colour is a naturally occurring precious Gemstone. Natural rubies usually come from Africa, Burma, and other places. This pink or blood-red coloured precious stone has mainly been believed to have been associated with vitality and energy. Gem Mines is a widely respected name in Delhi NCR in selling genuine and lab-tested Ruby. We have an extensive, exquisite, and exotic range of original ruby stone price online shopping at our store shelves to meet the demands of all the range of clients.

Ruby or Manink is a powerful stone for which it is believed that it helps to recharge your declining vitality and energy as well as brings positivity to thoughts.

As a most sought-after precious stone amongst the rich and people in power, it is very pertinently known as the ‘king of Gems’. This stone is related to the Sun sign and it is believed that it brings positive energy, health, and happiness to the wearer.

It is a consensus among Jyotishacharya that ruby should be worn by an individual to bring in more positive benefits in the career, social status, harmony in family relationships, and otherworldly desires in her or his life.

Since ancient times, ruby has been more popular among people of power, the wealthy class, and people in love, so it is believed that this stone is full of divine power and associated with emotions.

It is broadly believed that wearing a ruby helps its wearer in raising his or her cognitive qualities of awareness, alertness as well as an increase in levels of focused attention. Most people believe in the fact that ruby is a stone of immense benefit to the people working in politics, medicine, and government sectors. There are also people who believe that ruby stone helps in improving eyesight and blood circulation problems.

Since time immemorial Ruby has mainly remained associated with the symbols of luxury and authority, History too backs the belief as it is replete with the fact that rubies were worn and admired by kings and royals and the aristocracy. Continuing today Ruby holds the same position as the most shot after Gemstone among Gem lovers. It is because Ruby’s believed association with Luxury and aristocracy makes the gemstone a fantastic gift specially to express your romantic feelings to someone ‘You Love the Most’.

Blood red-coloured Ruby is considered a symbol of power and energy; Red coloured Ruby is considered to be of great benefit to those people who are shy, fearful, or submissive as it helps them to overcome their fear of surroundings, introvert, and shyness.

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