Why is Blue Sapphire Gemstone considered the best stone for mental health?

Blue Sapphire is a royal Gemstone and considered in Navratan. So, it is a very precious and beautiful gemstone, which produces magical rays, its colour ranges from greenish blue to violet blue. Blue Sapphire removes evil effects of planet Saturn. People also called Blue sapphire a magical stone.

Astrologers and experts of Gems know that Blue Sapphire shows results very fast. So, it is suggested to wear after taking suggestions from the Astrologer. You can also avail this service at GemMines, which is absolutely Free for all.

If you want to wear Blue sapphire in a ring then it should be worn in the middle finger of Right hand in a gold ring on Saturday.

It can give you everything you desire like- Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness. It can also improve fertility.

Is Blue Sapphire the Best Gemstone for Mental health ?

Blue sapphire develops a clear thought process, right decision making even amidst multiple confusions surrounding the situation,  mental clarity and clears all the doubts or confusion. That’s why people wear blue sapphire.

When people wear a blue sapphire jewellery then its rays not only attract everyone but also absorbs by their mind, thus it nourishes the mind and removes negative thoughts. And soon it makes a very good balance between the wearer’s body and mind

Let us understand the whole Process of Mental Health –

Actually a blue sapphire radiates blue colour rays, which is a combination of coloured rays and power, derived from planet Saturn. And this aligns mental health and streamlines the whole thought process.

Blue sapphire is especially beneficial for students and people,who have mental work, it enhances reasoning, analytical power of the brain, removes all negativity and makes him emotionally strong.

Here I would like to throw light on some facts – As we know that our brain has several layers that develop thought process. And it needs training to drive positive thoughts. In this case, blue rays of sapphire play an important role to strengthen the mind. It’s effective rays and positive energy drive our brain in the positive direction. And blue colour rays also help in the reproduction of cells.

People, who wear Blue Sapphire daily, sharpen the mind. In fact, it also heals any mind related problem of the wearer. People who have experienced this Gemstone say that Blue Sapphire has helped them in various ways. It has naturally protected them from wrong decision making and evil eyes. Those who were not getting success in any work they started to focus on their goal and could concentrate their mind. One of my friends started to receive constructive ideas and could face competition in a better way.

Benefits, that Makes Blue Sapphire a Royal and NavRatan Gemstone


  • Blue Sapphire shows miraculous results especially in the Sade Sati and it gives good stamina and security in life.
  • It also blesses with the right decision-making, good health & wealth and brings good time, good opportunity and progress in life.
  • Blue Sapphire provides mental peace, clarity in life. It helps in protection from enemies, evil eye, jealousy etc.
  • This gemstone is a highly protective gemstone. Its effect comes within 1 day to a month of wearing it.
  • Blue Sapphire has a direct impact on wealth levels and it gives a positive boost in the multiple sources of income.
  • Blue Sapphire gives name, fame, longevity and a formidable reputation.

Who can wear this beautiful stone ?

Blue sapphire is considered the birthstone of zodiac sign Capricorn. But If you belong to others zodiac signs then you can also wear it but in some certain conditions. Consultation is must before wearing this gemstone.

You can get free consultation from our astrologer. For Free consultation you can also call us on 98108-00550.

If you find that Blue Sapphire is the best match with your needs then Before buying this Gemstone check its certificate. Make sure that all details of Blue Sapphire are given in it. You can also contact us on our toll-free number 98108-00550. Gem Mines will solve your all queries and offer free shipping within India with its government approved certificate that is laboratory tested certificate of Rudraksha.

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