Round Beads Cut

Round Beads Cut



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  • Cherry Quartz Japa Mala

     950.00 SKU: CQZ001-FXAdd to cart
  • Fossilized Coral Japa Mala

     2,100.00 SKU: FSC001-FXAdd to cart
  • Grey Natural Crystal Japa Mala

     1,000.00 SKU: GNC001-FXAdd to cart
  • Howlite Japa Mala

     1,100.00 SKU: HOW001-FXAdd to cart
  • Sange Maryam Smooth Japa Mala

     3,100.00 SKU: SMS001-FXAdd to cart
  • Moss Agate Japa Mala

     1,600.00 SKU: MSA001-FXAdd to cart
  • Orange Jasper Japa Mala

     500.00 SKU: ORJ001-FXAdd to cart
  • Rhyolite Japa Mala

     3,600.00 SKU: RLT001-FXAdd to cart
  • Rhodochrosite 108 Beads Knotted Mala

     1,000.00 SKU: RDT001-FXAdd to cart
  • Tiger Eye Japa Mala

     2,400.00 SKU: TIG001-FXAdd to cart
  • Unakite Japa Mala

     1,000.00 SKU: UKT001-FXAdd to cart
  • Iolite Japa Mala

     1,800.00 SKU: LLT001-FXAdd to cart
  • White Rainbow Japa Mala

     1,100.00 SKU: WRW001-FXAdd to cart
  • Golden Obsidian Japa Mala

     1,300.00 SKU: GOD001-FXAdd to cart
  • Bamboo Leaf Japa Mala

     1,900.00 SKU: BBL001-FXAdd to cart
  • Azurite Japa Mala

     580.00 SKU: AZU001-FXAdd to cart
  • Aquamarine Japa Mala

     1,800.00 SKU: AQM001-FXAdd to cart
  • Apatite Japa Mala

     1,200.00 SKU: ATT001-FXAdd to cart
  • Rose Quartz Mala (Rosary)

     2,400.00 SKU: RQM001-FXAdd to cart
  • Red Onyx Mala (Rosary)

     1,850.00 SKU: ROM001-FXAdd to cart
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