Tahitian Pearls (Tahitian Moti)

Tahitian cultured pearls are cultivated from the black-lipped variety of the Pinctada margaritifera cumingi oyster, which are usually 6- to 12-inches in diameter and produce large pearls. This oyster is very sensitive to the pearl culturing process, which makes the pearls very costly to produce.You can get Tahitian Pearls Gem Stone at Gem Mines

How can I buy original Tahitian Pearls (Tahitian Moti) gemstone?You can also contact us on our toll-free number 09810800550. Gem mines provide free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is laboratory tested certificate of gems.

What is the Mode of Payment?

Both online and off-line modes of payments are also acceptable. For more info visit us- www.gemmines.in or call us on 09810800550

Gem mines also provide free horoscope consultancy and free consultancy for gemstones.

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Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 6.62 Ct.

Rs. 662.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL812

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 4.5 Ct.

Rs. 450.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL666

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 5.62 Ct.

Rs. 1,686.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL621

Pearl (Moti)

Basra Pearl 4.43 Ct.

Rs. 115,180.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL959

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 4.39 Ct.

Rs. 1,317.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL562

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 6.22 Ct.

Rs. 1,866.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL554

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 7.27 Ct.

Rs. 1,454.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL198

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 7.67 Ct.

Rs. 1,534.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL336

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 4.5 Ct.

Rs. 900.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL921

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 6.7 Ct.

Rs. 1,340.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL942

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 7.74 Ct.

Rs. 1,161.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1523

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 8.65 Ct.

Rs. 1,297.50 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1527

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 8.14 Ct.

Rs. 3,093.20 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1537

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 9.64 Ct.

Rs. 3,663.20 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1543

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 5.56 Ct.

Rs. 611.60 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1420

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 3.1 Ct.

Rs. 310.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1482

Pearl (Moti)

Basra Pearl 6.97 Ct.

Rs. 185,053.50 inc. Tax SKU: PRL816

Pearl (Moti)

PEARL 4.32 Ct.

Rs. 518.40 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1774

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 2.95 Ct.

Rs. 1,622.50 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1094

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl 3.64 Ct.

Rs. 2,002.00 inc. Tax SKU: PRL1105

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