Embrace the Divine Power of Gemstones This Navratri

The nine auspicious days are back again. Devotees across the country are seeking blessings from the supreme power in the entire universe, Goddess Shakti, or Maa Durga as we fondly call her. Navratri marks the victory of good over evil, the power of truth, and most importantly restore our faith in the fact that it doesn’t matter how dark the times may come, victory will always be on the right side.

People, earlier and today, have been struggling to keep their character intact, fight with evil power in the form of negative energies, and to balance their karma. The nine planets have great influence on our karma as the cosmic rays of the universe direct us to do and act in a particular way. We are ruled by our birth planets and the effect of planets can be controlled with the power of wearing the right and pure gemstones in the right way on an auspicious day. And what days could be more auspicious that those of Navratri. Adorn a gemstone on these days and bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to your life.

Here is a complete guide telling you in detail which gemstone you should adorn which day of this Navratri for a happy and prosperous life.

Devote Yourself to MaaShailputri and let the power of Ruby take your worries away

The first avatar of Devi is MaaShailputri. She is the reincarnation of Maa Sati, wife of Lord Shiva and daughter of King Daksha. As per astrological beliefs, wearing Ruby or Manik gemstone on this day brings the wearer power, prosperity, and peace in life. As Ruby is a gemstone connected to Sun, it imbibes power and positive energies of the Sun. Apart from these, it is also helpful to cure several diseases like tuberculosis, ulcer, constipation etc. This Navratri let the power of ruby stone enhance your status and make your life filled with happiness.

Take solace in devotion of MaaBrahmacharini Devi with the magical Hessonite

MaaBrahmacharini Devi is the second avatar of Goddess Shakti. This form of Devi is known for her grace and revered as the goddess of peace, calm, bliss, and happiness. It is believed that Hessonite is the ideal gem for this day as it also protects its wearer from evil eyes and brings peace and success to their life.

Seek Blessing from MaaChandraghanta& lead a successful life with the Power of Yellow Sapphire

MaaChandraghanta is worshipped on the third day of Navratri. This avtar of Devi is as peaceful as fearless. Adorned with several weapons she represents peace, tranquillity, and prosperity and protects her devotees from evil power just like Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Considered as the safest gemstone, it is the gemstone of knowledge, wealth, and loving relationships. Welcome prosperity and knowledge to your life this Navratri with yellow sapphire.

Bring light to your life by worshipping MaaKushmanda and wearing Emerald

The fourth avatar of Devi is renowned as MaaKushmanda. She is the creator of the universe and blesses her devotees with peace and success in their life. Wearing pure emerald gemstone on this day brings professional success, wisdom, blissful marital life and enhances creative skills of its wearer.

Welcome good luck and abundance with the blessing of MaaSkandamata and Blue Sapphire

MaaSkandamanta is the fifth manifestation of Devi Shakti. The mother of Lord Kartikeya, this avatar of Devi is known for her maternal warmth and care. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is an ideal gemstonefor this day. It brings immense benefits to its wearer if worn on the right day in the right way. It blesses its wearer with abundant wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

Devote yourself to MaaKatyayani& make your life bliss with Topaz

The sixth avatar of Devi Shakti is MaaKatyayani. She is the daughter of maharishi Katyanan and bestows divinity to her devotees by granting all their wishes. The gemstone recommended to wear this auspicious day is Topaz. It has power to eradicate negativity, despair, and worries from the past and also enhances the concentration power of its wearer.

Pay homage to MaaKaalratri& let the divine energy of Pearl bring peace to your life

MaaKaalratri is the seventh avatar of Devi Shakti. She is the doer of good and fearsome with fiery eyes, black skin, and dishevelled hair. She annihilates the evil power and brings peace to humankind. Adorn pearl gemstone on this day to bring positivity, courage and emotional stability to your life.


Imbibe the blessings of MaaMahagauri with Red Coral

MaaMahagauri is the eight avatar of Devi Shakti. She is the symbol of purity, serenity, and tranquillity and put an end to all misery of her devotees. Wearing Red Coral on this day is very auspicious as it has miraculous healing powers and bestows wealth and prosperity to its wearer.

Seek Blessing from MaaSiddhidatri andprotect yourself from evil eyes with Amethyst

The ninth form of Devi Shakti is MaaSiddhidatri. As the name suggests, she is the giver of supernatural powers and fulfils all desires of her worshippers. She protects her devotees from evil. It is believed that Amethyst is the ideal gemstone for this day as it removes negativity and brings peace and happiness to their life.

The power of gemstones is unbound, and the benefits are immense given the gemstone one is wearing is pure, of high quality and worn only after consulting an expert. We, at GemMines, provide our customers with free consultation service and give only lab-certified high- quality gemstones at best prices. To know more about us and to avail our services please visit our website https://gemmines.in/or call us on 098108-00550.

Happy Navratri!

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