Blue Sapphire Gemstone : Everything You Need To Know

Blue Sapphire Gemstone : Everything You Need To Know

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is considered one of the most powerful stones in Vedic Astrology. A common name for this stone is Neelam stone. Many people believe this gemstone is exclusively for September babies and Capricorn and Aquarius natives. This stone boasts some extravagant benefits for its wearer and is truly beneficial for all.

Known for its vibrant colors, the Ceylon Sapphire is one of the most highly sought-after Blue Sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It is a 100% natural gemstone that has been tested by government laboratories. In addition to being unheated and untreated artificially, it is derived from an all-natural process. 

It is imperative to note that every individual’s birth chart has a position for Saturn, which can either be in an ideal position or on the wrong side. The incorrect positioning of Saturn can lead to several difficulties and downfalls in life. When something negative is happening to people, a Blue Sapphire is there to steer them in a positive direction.

When worn and used under the guidance of a knowledgeable astrologer or gemstone dealer, blue sapphires offer many advantages.

Why Is Blue Sapphire One Of The Most Prestigious Gemstones?

Blue Sapphire is the fastest healing gemstone, which can benefit people with Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs.

This powerful gemstone should only be worn under expert guidance or after being recommended by an expert. There is a minimum weight requirement of 2 carats for the Blue Sapphire stone (Neelam stone). Blue Sapphire gemstones should always be worn with silver or platinum metal rings.

The best day to wear this powerful stone is Saturday. The wearer must wear the blue sapphire stone on the middle finger of the hand. To wear this gemstone properly, experts recommend dipping Blue sapphire in raw cow milk, followed by rose water. This ritual makes sure that maximum benefits are attained by the wearer. 

Benefits Of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

blue sapphire

Brings Fortune & Good Luck

The wearer of Neelam ratan gets blessed with a noticeable rise in financial prosperity, which is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer this gemstone. The stone works in mysterious ways and brings good fortune to its wearer in every situation.  

A prosperous life would be a dream come true for anyone, wouldn’t it? Karma and Karma, however, should not be overlooked. Financial success will still require hard work on your part. Whenever you wear the Neelam stone, your work will be guided, and luck will always be on your side. Such a situation is sure to lead to success.

Fastest Healing Gemstone

Nowadays, everyone wants things that produce results quickly. It is common for humans to want to achieve success, but they don’t want to wait too long for it. A sapphire stone can also be of substantial benefit if you are in a hurry and want fast results.

As stones play a vital role in delivering results sooner than expected, they are known for acting quickly & blue sapphire gemstone is considered the best stone for mental health. It is reported that many people feel more energetic after wearing the stone.  The speed of Neelam Ratna can be attributed to its strength among the nine other gemstones in the gem tree.

 Unlocks Your Hidden Talents

It often happens that people either aren’t able to discover their talents or aren’t able to further develop their skills despite trying very hard. The pursuit of success and glory is elusive for many talented singers, dancers, scientists, doctors, and more. While they are capable of achieving greater things, a variety of factors hold them back.

Those who possess the Neelam stone have the power to unlock their hidden potential. Life-changing effects are soon evident to the wearer of this stone. When the paths are unblocked, it becomes easier to reach greater heights without wasting time. 

Balances Work-Life

Blue Sapphire Power can help you find the right job in a good company. Stones are not miracles that work without your involvement. By wearing it on your finger, you will gain additional power and support for getting a better job, promotion, or chance that will change your life. Your growth will be faster and better.

Acts As A Protective Shield

There is a tendency for people to be jealous of others’ success or good fortune. There are even those who have enemies with a desire to harm others to the greatest extent possible. Black magic, voodoo, and the evil eye are just some of the things that can cause our lives to go awry.

The Neelam stone will act as a shield and protect you so you can stay focused on your path and receive good things in life. A protective aura is created around the wearer when they wear it. You can win over the evils of sade sati with blue sapphire. It will be easier for you to thrive if you stay away from negativity. 

Be Free From Fear & Anxiety

All of us are in a race to get to better things before others, and we are all running hard and fast to get there first. When faced with such situations, many people become blunt and confident, but others feel anxious and afraid.

As a result of success and financial upward mobility, many people worry that they might lose it all.

Blue Sapphire Stone is capable of helping you overcome these adversities and mental issues. Maintaining a positive attitude and feeling confident all the time is easier for you.

As well as these benefits, many others depend on the individuals who wear the Neelam stone or Neelam pathar. Wearing blue sapphires can also lead to name recognition, fame, reputation in society, multiple sources of income, and improved decision-making abilities, among other things.

Who Should Wear Blue Sapphire?

  • The blue sapphire should only be worn by an Aries native when Saturn’s major period is underway.
  • The gemstone can also be worn by those whose Saturn is in the 2nd, 7th, 10th, or 11th houses.
  • The Neelam Stone is suitable for Taurus with Saturn in the first, second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses.
  • Saturn is not auspicious for those born under the sign of Cancer. The right house will provide spirituality, occult knowledge, and benefits to the partnership as long as it is placed in the right house.
  • The Neelam stone or Neelam Ratna should be worn with caution by other zodiac sign holders. An experienced astrologer should provide you with expert guidance.

Precautions To Take While Wearing A Blue Sapphire Or Neelam Gemstone

  • There are certain rules for wearing this auspicious stone, and hence the wearer should seek guidance from an expert astrologer before adorning the Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone.
  • Before adopting the powerful Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone in your life, you must check the position of Saturn in your Kundli.
  • When purchasing auspicious gemstones, it is imperative to know about their purity and originality. The most effective way to ensure that you get the full benefits of possessing these stones of fortune is to always purchase from reputable sellers. Ask for the purity certificate to ensure originality.
  • If you are doubtful about wearing a Blue Sapphire stone, then you must visit a gemologist for professional guidance.

Why Should You Choose Gem Mines?

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 We hope that wearing a Blue Sapphire stone will bring the most positive changes to your life.

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