Pros and Cons of Ruby Gemstone

The Ruby gemstone is considered to be the birthstone for month July and Sign Leo. Ruby stones are formed from aluminum oxide under the earth’s surface And its cost varies depending on their color, clarity, size, and overall quality. It may vary as per its quality.

Burmese ruby gemstone is an excellent type of ruby gemstones. Ruby also found in some other countries too. i.e. Burmese Ruby Stones origin is Myanmar. Thai Ruby Gemstone origin is Bangkok. Tanzania Ruby Gemstone origin is Songea. Afghanistan Ruby Gemstones origin is Badakhshan. Madagascar Ruby origin is  Andilamena and Vatomandry. African Ruby Stones origin is Mozambique and Kenya.

Some natives can wear ruby during the major periods of the Sun but that too after consultation with an astrologer. Before wearing ruby you should consult first and then wear. We at GemMines also offers Free consultation for Gemstones and Horoscope. You can  call us on 9810800550

Pros of Ruby Gemstone –

Since Ruby is a precious stone and its fame is world wide. It has the following benefit

  • In medical astrology, it can restore vitality and help in issues related to eyesight and blood circulation.
  • Vedic astrology recommends rubies to be worn for success and growth in businesses, jobs, social status, authority and self-confidence.
  • This stone is considered for success in competitive exams, for practitioners of medicine, agriculturists, politicians and government personnel.
  • Engagement ring of Ruby is highly preferred because it brings peace, good health and love in the the life of wearer.
  • It can benefit the wearer by getting support from  authority and administration.
  • Ruby gives wisdom and increases self-confidence, removes negative thinking, brings good fortune, happiness and peace in life.

Cons of Ruby Gemstone

  • In Indian Astrology if Sun is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in the horoscope of the wearer then it may cause to various health issues.
  • Some Sunshine should not wear Ruby Gemstone, these are – Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces. And even if you want to wear, then check the position of Sun in your horoscope and consult to Astrologer.
  • Ruby is a valuable Gemstone and anybody can steal it. In fact , some sellers take the full advantage of technology and give imitation of Ruby. And only an expert can tell you which stone is original.
  • Ruby stone is rare and expensive Gemstone. That’s why a natural, flawless and perfect stone of Ruby needs good investment.

In case if you don’t consult an astrologer and wear Ruby then it can be harmful to you. Seeing this burning problem, GemMines offers Free consultation for Gemstones and Horoscope on our toll-free number 9810800550.

But always remember, before buying any gemstone check certificate of gem. Make sure that all the details of Ruby are given in it.

Now mostly people prefer to buy online. If you want to buy it online, Gem mines offers free shipping within India with its government approved certificate, which is a laboratory tested certificate of gems. For more info, visit our website- or call us on 98108-00550. Our customer care executive will assist you in this.

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