The endless virtues of Yellow Sapphire

Also known as Pukhraj in Hindi, Yellow Sapphire is a naturally occurring gemstone that holds immense importance to patrons across the globe, believed to have miraculous effects on wealth and success. It is a lustrous gemstone belonging to the corundum family and represents the planet Jupiter.

Found in different shades of yellow and orange, Pukhraj is a powerful gemstone that eradicates the harmful impacts of Jupiter. The main cause of yellow colouration in sapphires is due to the presence of Iron. A high Iron concentration produces higher colour saturation, leading to a richer hue. Pukharaj can also be colour-enhanced naturally with exposure to low-level radiation naturally or with lab-induced irradiation. Irradiated Yellow sapphires are not dangerous, but their colour has been known to fade with exposure to heat and light.

Generally worn with an aspiration to become influential, the gemstone also offers a plethora of benefits that increase wealth and strength. Not only that, but the Yellow Sapphire is also instrumental in bringing success and honour, imparting longevity and bringing happiness into one’s life whilst also being crucial in earning fame. This stone infuses the positive energy of the planet Jupiter into the bearer’s life, protecting them from life-threatening accidents, increasing their intellectual abilities, augmenting their power of judgement and imparting wisdom. In addition to these benefits, this miraculous gemstone blesses an individual with the gift of healthy relationships, be it romantic or platonic. It bestows the wearer with courage while diminishing their anger. The stone is also helpful in warding off evil and negative energies, elevating both the societal and professional status of the bearer. In diseases, yellow sapphire cures diarrhoea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, jaundice, insomnia, heart troubles, impotency, gout, arthritis, pain in knee joints, etc.

Yellow Sapphire is strongly advised to teachers, lawyers, judges, scholars and writers. Besides these benefits, the gemstone is also a popular choice for engagement rings and blesses the married couple with happiness and prosperity.

Made of Aluminum Oxide Al2O3, this naturally occurring gemstone can be found in Jammu (India), Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, Ceylon, Burma, USA and Sri-Lanka, which serves as the primary source of this popular gemstone.

Pukhraj is advised to be plated on a gold ring and worn by an individual on their index finger on the Thursday of Shukla Paksha, only after consulting a certified astrologer.

There is a ritual to the process of wearing a Pukhraj stone. First, one needs to place it in a bowl with one spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and Ghee for 10 minutes. This will activate and cleanse the gemstone and remove all its impurities. Then, one needs to bow their heads in prayers of the almighty and then take the ring out of this mixture and wash it with pure Gangajal. The individual is advised to recite the Mantra ‘Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah’ 108 times before wearing the ring. The ideal weight of the Yellow sapphire stone should be between 5 and 7 carats.

Contrary to popular belief, the price of Pukhraj varies very little with their mining origins. On an Average, 5+ carat Yellow Sapphire costs in between ₹20,000 and 25000. However, the lower ranges begin from ₹1000 per carat and medium-range starts from ₹3000.

An inexpensive alternative to Pukhraj is Topaz, also known as Citrine in English. Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone but fails to yield the same results as Yellow sapphire. Pukhraj is one of the best precious stones.

Thus, the question of authenticity bothers one and all. We advise you to buy a gemstone only after checking proper certifications. Make sure that all the information related to gems are provided during the purchase.

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