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Coral Mala

Coral-  Coral is a mineral and very valuable gemstone, which is found in red colour.The Coral stone is also known as Moonga stone, Due to its attractive red and saffron colour, coral is a very precious and valuable gemstone. It represents planet Mars.

It is worn to gain happiness and wisdom.It can also cure madness upto a great extent. That’s why it is highly recommended to remove stress.

Coral Mala-  This mala is worn to connect with nature, and to bring positivity. This Mala has 108+1 beads, which is also used for mantra japa. Coral Mala gives confidence, boost energy and removes fears. It is very beneficial to get the positive effects of mars planet.

Benefits of Coral Mala-  Coral has the following benefits-

  • Coral Mala has spiritual power and it brings joy and mental peace in the life of wearer.
  • It has several healing benefits and very helpful in removing stress.
  • It controls the problem of anaemia and blood related diseases from the life of wearer.
  • Astrologer highly recommend to wear Coral mala to remove the ill effect of mars planet.
  • Coral mala also strengthen brain and gives wisdom.
  • It is also highly recommended for removing the negativity from the life of person.
  • It is used to chant the mantra jaap.
  • Coral mala is also used to bring Harmony in relationship.
  • The Coral mala is also used for attracting love and prosperity that’s why it is called the gem of passion.

How to wear Coral Mala-  On Tuesday Morning, put the mala into Ganga jal. After taking out this Mala, chant the following Mantra 108 times-

“Om Mangalay Namah”

After praying to planet mars wear the Coral Mala.One should consult Astrologer before wearing Coral Mala.

Note- If you are wearing Mala as a bracelet always wear it on your right hand.

How to identify the purity of Coral Mala- If the Coral Mala is original, its beads will be red and reflecting in nature. To check its originality, take raw turmeric and rub the beads on the piece of turmeric, if red color appears on turmeric the beads are fake. And if every beads of whole Coral Mala don’t leave any color then it is original.

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