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Red Coral Gemstone: The Symbol of Energy

The world praises those who fight and survive. It is also a fact that not everybody has an innate fighting spirit. Red Coral gemstone imparts courage in people who have doubts in their own abilities and help them feel confident. The symbol of energy and the gemstone of planet Mars, red coral is an extremely powerful gemstone. Also known as Moonga in Vedic astrology, it helps to fight off several diseases.

Red Coral Gemstone - The symbol of energy

Organic & Striking

Red coral gemstones are naturally found organic stones and that sets it apart from the other precious and semi-precious gemstones. It is formed from a plant-like animal called the coral polyp.  When they die their skeletons deposit over each other and over years they create a massive structure called as coral gemstone.

It is commonly found in Red Sea, the coast of Australia, Sea of Italy, the Canary Island, the Taiwan Coast, The Midway Island, and Malaysian Island. The striking red colour of coral makes it valuable and desirable. It is extensively used in jewelry making and is a popular choice among women.

Benefits of Moonga Gemstone

Since ancient times moonga stone is renowned for its power to annihilate negative energies. It represents planet Mars, the god of wars and energy, and therefore was preferred by the members of royalty as they used to believe that red coral will help them to defeat their enemies and protect them from evil eyes.

Red Coral Heals

Not just physically, but moonga stone boosts the mental power of its wearer. Its positive effect on one’s body and mind is no secret. It blesses its wearer with good health and help them to recover faster. People who struggle with prolong illness, high blood pressure problem, weak bones and related diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis should wear red coral gemstone. Its positive and warm energy creates a protective shield around its wearer and protect them from any mishaps while boosting their stamina and will power.

Depression and anxiety are common problems among the young and old alike. Wearing it creates a positive impact on one’s mind and boosts their confidence. It blocks negativity to penetrate in the mind of the vulnerable.

Moonga gemstone online

Helps to tame the fear

Accept it or not but you can’t ignore the fact that many among us fear supernatural powers and are more sensitive to it. Red coral stones repel negative powers and improves the mental state of a person. It calms senses and helps to overcome fear. 

Beneficial for those who have weak position of planet Mars in their horoscope

Mars is the god of warfare, the commander-in-chief of the nine planets, and holds immense power. Its weak position can position can destroy everything and left a person in misery, debt, depression, and alone in the chaos of life. Red coral gemstone can strengthen the weak position of Mars and blesses its wearer with prosperity and good luck. One can easily buy original moonga stone online (govt. lab-certified) from Gem Mines

Boosts self-confidence

Nothing can help you if you are not confident enough and believe in yourself. To achieve success in life it is imperative that you have a strong will power to face challenges head on in personal as well as professional life. Adorning a red coral ring or pendant helps to control your nervousness and boosts self-confidence. It calms mind and helps to focus on your aim without self-doubting yourself.

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