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Why Ruby Gemstone Is The Best And Most Precious Stone?

It is a precious gemstone and is very popular among all gemstones. It symbolizes fame and power. Ruby is also known as Stone Yaqoot. Most people are influenced by red ruby stone and wear this to get great benefits. This ruby gemstone is worn for power and status. It also blessed the wearer with success, power, and financial growth. It is also beneficial for people who are in politics or administrative jobs. Moreover, the Ruby stone has qualities of the sun so it is a great way to remove the negative effects of the sun by wearing this. It is maroon in color and makes the person energetic and influences the personality of the wearer positively.

  • It increases the willpower and inner positivity of a person.
  • It also protects the person from various diseases.
  • It helps in the proper functioning of the heart, hair fall, and bone-related problems.

How To Wear The Ruby Gemstone

It can be worn in copper or gold and is mostly worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It is worn as a bracelet or some people like to wear it around the neck. The astrologer recommends it to wear only after washing with Gangajal or cow’s milk. But for this to get positive effects you should always wear the original and certified stone. The Ruby stone must be worn on Sunday in the first hour of sunrise. By performing certain rituals and chanting the mantra of Surya.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits

If you are confused about which gemstone should I wear? Then you can go with Rudy stone. Ruby is the best and has various benefits as it increases willpower and inner positivity of a person protects from various diseases and increases willpower. It helps in the proper functioning of the heart, and bones related problems.

  • It helps to live a luxury life and allows you to grow financially.
  • If you wear this stone you are more focused and determined in your work.
  • It helps to build strong bonds between loved ones as this stone is associated with love and passion.
  • There are a number of changes reflected in one’s life.
  • Increases love for beloved ones.
  • Helps to improve heart and bone-related problems.
  • Best for skin-related problems.
  • It also increases willpower and positivity inside the human mind.
  • It helps to get success and increases self-confidence.

Diseases That Are Healed By Wearing Ruby Gemstone

  • If you are suffering from high-stress levels or depression then Manik stone is very helpful.
  • It is helpful in skin-related problems. After wearing the natural ruby gemstone the skin problems are eased.
  • If one is suffering from a lack of confidence then this is the best to increase the confidence level and achieve success in life.
  • For a person who is suffering from bone-related problems, this stone is most advisable.

Which Ascendant Should Wear Ruby Gemstone?

This stone is very beneficial for Leo ascendant as Sun is the lord of Leo so it is highly recommended to get great and positive results. For Aries ascendant, it is advisable to wear this with red coral to get amazing results. If a person is suffering from Mahadasha of Sun then it is advisable to wear the ruby gem. For Cancer ascendant the lord of it is Moon and it is friendly to Sun. Moreover, if you are suffering from eye problems then it is better to wear this Manik gemstone. The cancer ascendant is advised to wear this with pearls.

For Scorpio ascendants, this is beneficial to building a career. The Scorpio ascendant is suffering from Mahadasha of Sun then which gives good results to achieve success and fame in life and enhance the power of your ascendant. The Sagittarius ascendant wants to get fame, fortune, spiritual gain, and success Then it is best to wear and you can see excellent results

Why Is Burma Ruby So Expensive?

Burma ruby is very much popular and is found anywhere in the world. It is one of the most expensive gemstones on the market.

As the Burma ruby is more specific and has high chromium content in the ground from which they are extracted. This expensive ruby comes from Mogok valley in Myanmar, earlier known as Burma therefore the name is Burma ruby. 

No Heat And Heated Burmese Rubies:

Gemstones go through some treatment to improve stone quality. The gem treatment includes bleaching, dyeing, fracture filling, drilling, etc. The process of heating gemstone enhances its color and clarity. The Ruby stones are exposed to high temperatures to improve the pure red hue. Another important reason heat treatment is used is to minimize the tiny inclusion inside the gem.

Who Can Wear The Ruby Gemstone?

The gemstones are powerful and can change the life of the wearer but for this, the astrologer’s advice is very necessary. So, always consult an astrologer if it suits you or not. An astrologer after checking your birth chart will be able to provide assurance on whether it will suit you or not. An astrologer will suggest whether a stone suits you or not after thoroughly examining your birth chart and checking the position of stars and planets in your horoscope. And if the astrologer advises you for ruby gemstone then before wearing it wash with Gangajal or milk. The Manik stone should be worn by the enchanting mantra of Surya. 

The Ruby gemstone is also suitable for people born under Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius zodiac signs. It is advisable to wear a gem only when the astrologer recommends it to you. However, if the gems are not worn on the advice of astrologers then it may have some negative effects also. So the experts advise wearing the gem on the basis of planetary positions and horoscope.

Ruby Gemstone (Kempu) Price In India 

Original Kempu (Ruby) stone price varies depending on the carat. Manik Ratna’s price depends on color, cut, clarity, and crystal. The Manik Ratna price can vary from 90,000 to 1,20,000. We are certified and well known for different types of stones. We have gems available at an affordable price and are Shipping worldwide.  It is mostly worn by women as an ornament. It gives you style and a beautiful look to anyone who wears it. But not only women but the Ruby ring is also worn by men also. If you are still confused about whether Ruby will suit you or not, we have the expert team for free Gemstone recommendations.


According to Vedic astrology, the Ruby gemstone helps to get a successful life and develops positivity, and provides solutions to many problems. This lucky stone is best to get a name, and fame and assures build self-confidence. It is used to cure all  Mahadasha of Sun. It releases stress and depression through the powerful energies of the stone and improves mental and physical health.

Therefore, this stone is perfect for all those who want a successful and stress-free life. One of the health advantages of wearing a Ruby gemstone is that it aids in treating diseases such as heart and skin problems. Additionally, it also improves mental and physical health. There are duplicate gemstones available in the market and you will not get the results you want by wearing them. So certified and original gemstone must be worn. It is very necessary to buy certified and original gemstones otherwise there can be negative effects also. So always buy the original ruby stone.

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